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Jaguar Voice help please


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I'm getting to grips with Jaguar Voice and finding it very useful and not the mere gimmick I first thought.

However, after reading the manual there are one or two things I'd be grateful for some help with please :yes:

The previous owner appears to have saved quite a few Voice Tags for phone numbers. Is there a way of deleting these please?

Also, not sure how to compose a phone voice tag. Jaguar Voice asks me for a name but doesn't ask for a number. How do i enter voice tags properly please?

Any help gratefully received, thanks.

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Hi Paul

I have a manual with this all in

but my computer has gone down and im on my laptop at the moment

I think it uses voice training A and B to store voice tags with the voice it recognises stored in A or B and then stores the tags in that persons trained voice

Have you run voice training yet

you can delete all voice tags by saying " VOICE DELETE MEMORY A" OR " VOICE DELETE MEMORY B"  or " VOICE DELETE DIRECTORY"

as soon as i got my pc to boot i send you the manual



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Hi Raistlin,

have you tried saying >> for anything in the different categories eg voice say. Voice help or phone help of navigation help or audio help.  You will then get told relevant instructions




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having an issue with my voice module which paul r is fitting for me.

The module will only allow me to command a few items such as radio and basic general commands. It won't allow me to operate climate ( except for resirculation) , nav won't take command or cd/ cdc. I've been told that each module has menus internally with instructions that allow access via voice command to the systems on the car when made. In other words if you retro fit voice and the donor module comes from a car that had just about everything it will let you command accordingly. 

Hope ive explained that properly? That would then lead me to the question " can they be re programmed to allow voice access to all systems as required" 

im scratching my head and Paul's a little confused at the issue.

any ideas.


steve....( and paul Raistlin)

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