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new to this forum.

david moore

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hi my x type is a 2.0d se  on a 54 plate and i love it.... clean my egr valve.  done my sills, but am doing them again. painted me callipers all round, but ready to put new front discs and pads on soon. replaced the A pillars with leather look material and looks fantastic. ive done loads to this car....and still love doing bits on it as i love the car, its ace.. hope to but more pics on..

jaguar front view.jpg

egr valve 2.jpg

egr valve 4.jpg

same rusted sill.jpg

panited finish silver.jpg

sill finished.jpg

jag disc+calipers painted.jpg

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Hi David,

 Great looking X Type, quality upgrades and mods. Doing bits and bobs to mine and hoping to get up to concourse eventually. Mines into the Indy on Monday, noticed a slight collection of fluid around the water pump so in for a new one plus wax oil treatment to the sills and under carriage, Wings etc.Had all new discs and pads all round done a short while ago.

dont you just love em !


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many thanks for your reply, its taking me some time as im not a computer geek. so its taking me some time to figure out how to use the web site. ive had my jag for three years and my intentions now are to try and go on some meets to try and see other members too. ive been to a jag day which was held at old royal show ground in stoneleigh warwickshie. but not really a rally, but still a good day out.

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Hi David, and welcome to the club.

You will soon get used to using the Club site.  I am no expert and often need to ask my grandchildren how to get things right.

Hopefully there will be some meets in the Midlands this summer and Autumn.  We had one last year in the Heritage Motor Museum.




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since joining in this forum i have enjoyed sharing many a post with other members. who to have had there own experience on there jags too.  well i have done a lot to my jag since i first joined in april, and now i have just purchased new discs/front and rear plus pads, along with a brake caliper toolkit. but with the cold winter snap now coming in i shall leave this job and replace them around may time, when it starts to get warm....hopefully?  for now here they are.... ps- also before fitting the discs i shall carry out a full inspection on driveshafts, steering rack/gaiters, all bushes, trackrod ends, abs sensors, suspension height, coil springs, mounting brackets, calipers/seals, plus piston movement in calipers all round,  new discs then fitted with a "run out" test to check that all hub bearings are running true. new brake fluid replaced. when all fitted its a final inspection on operation of brakes, before out on the road. bedding in will take around 200miles before i get good maximum breaking.  so nice and easy on that brake pedal for me.

brake caliper toolkit.jpg

new front and rear discs.jpg

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