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What code reader do you use?


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Most generic OBD reader will read engine fault codes

but 99% won't read anything else, only engine fault codes

so if you want one that reads everything then its got be one like mongoose lead with software

mongoose is a pc based diagnostic system and can do most things dealers can

but theres a few versions, best versions is v130, v131 that will do all jaguars, later versions suit later cars and wont cover pre 2005 cars

its has two programs in it IDS for pre 2005 cars and SDD for post 2005 cars

and just be aware that it needs to be installed on a windows xp professional computer/laptop, it won't work on anything else, some sellers offer software that will run on all windows, windows 7 windows 8, but it uses a windows xp pro emulator and this can be very glitchy , freezes, slow and akward to do normal things screen captures

I use it and its the best out there for fault finding as it shows fault codes, reasons and remedys

but be aware you can do some serious damage with this, if you try updating modules, if it fails, you can brick modules

its good for fault finding though and the only other thing theres very little info out there on how to use it



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I use a basic generic OBD2 code reader.  Joe is quite right, it just reads engine codes. It cost £20

If I have an issue I cannot resolve, my mechanic who  has serviced my cars for 13 years has a diagnostic tool that cost £2500.

Quite a difference!



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Thanks guys for the info. The one you said joe sounds like the dogs dangles! I don't have XP running on the laptop anymore. So might get a hand held one for the time being just to see if the coil packs or spark plugs are to blame for the rough running. Any recommendations for one I should go for?

When I bought the car I serviced it with Castrol EDGE 5-30 oil that was recommended by the main dealer. But it's not A5/B5 spec. So I have just bought 20L of Motul 5-30 A5/B5 from the Opie oil boys for £82 delivered. Very high spec 100% synth with a great TBN number. I used a discount code of the net to get a 10% discount. It says it's for Ford and Jags! So I'm hoping that will keep the old girl a happy bunny 😎

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