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Passive arming...


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... what a pointless pain in the arris.

Still familiarizing myself with the diagnostic software I enabled passive arming.

Went for a cup of tea, came back opened the door and all hell broke loose. Of course, I'd left the keys in the house.

That's coming off quick sharp.:wacko: Panic alarm, on the other hand, does seem a useful item :yes:

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hi Paul

the only thing with the panic is you have to remember it can only be reset by putting your keys in the ignition

cant be reset from the remote

passive arming is a dead cert for locking your self out of the car

I see your playing with the software a bit now



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Hi Joe,

Yes, slowly finding my way around :yes:

I'm not sure if this was a later revision Joe, but I can switch off the panic alarm from the remote by pressing the button a further three times.

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Glad to see your having fun with the diagnostic software.....the rate your going you'll be an expert in no time!

Dont forget to practice with the software that adds retrofit items for the voice commands....I'm still needing to add a few that aren't on ie phone and multi disc.

Hope alls well and be good paul.


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