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XKR X100 Advice please

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Hi all,

I've been the proud owner of an S-Type Sport for over a year now and I'm becoming increasingly interested in sourcing an XKR Coupe. They're just so beautiful, on par with the E-Type IMHO, and such a lot of car for the money. I'm seeing a few out there with quite high mileage, 140K+, is this a concern? My S-Type has done over 130K on the V6 and gave the cleanest emissions figures at is last MOT, I think the AJ8 is similarly robust. I came across the supercharged AJ8 in a Range Rover Sport a few years ago and couldn't believe how it moved over 2 tons of metal down the road, so I expect it's even better in the 1700kg coupe.

Speaking of which, where can I access reliable specs for the XKR / XK8 range, particularly weight and power? The 4.2 seems to have gained power and weight, making performance similar / identical to the 4.0, so is there much advantage in the later model? Has anyone out there experienced modifications on an aging high miler? Remap and supercharger pulley etc? I'd be very interested in this route and wonder if the standard brakes and suspension, if kept in tiptop condition, are up to the task? I've just rebuilt brakes on the S-Type and they seem very capable indeed.

Can I ask how well is the X100 range supported in terms of online advice and spares, this forum certainly seems a lot less active than the S-Type one? And how do running / repair costs stack up? This would be an occasional use car which I'd wish to conduct a full rolling restoration on over the course of time, so she could be enjoyed for many years to come. Finally, is rust a big issue and are there any crippling component costs that would put an otherwise good / savable car off the road?

Thanks in advance for any advice :wink:

Cheers, Russ

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Hi Russ,

There are several companies who deal inspires for Jaguars, audit would not be a bad idea mohave a look anther online catalogues.

The David Manners Group and SNG Barrett are worth checking out for part availability.




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parts and spares are widely available

as for engine, if you go for 4.2 supercharged, its quite a strong engine, has no known issues apart from valley pipe, which is very labour intensive to replace a £20 hose, budget £600 to £1000 to get replaced at a garage

bushes as on the s-type are a big issue, depending on how its been driven, should be really quiet and no knocking noises

my biggest worry would be rust, they can rust very bad on these, sills can be quite bad especially worse towards the rear



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Thanks for the responses Peter and Joe, interesting that no X100 owners have responded (as yet). We're lucky to have such an active and helpful S-Type forum / community :yes:.

I'll speak to Anthony from Berkshire Jaguar who has done me good deals on the S-Type parts I've needed to date, he may have an insight into the XKR. As Joe says, rust is likely to be the biggest issue on what will be a c15 years old car, luckily cars nowadays don't rust as badly as they used to, but I'd like to catch one before it needed welding and do a full underbody and cavity preventative strip back and treatment to keep everything in order. I'm doing this on the S-Type over the winter, I'm not looking forward to this filthy and arduous job, but it will be worth the effort, time and money I'm sure.

After a frank discussion with my significant other, we've agreed that an XKR would make an excellent 50th birthday present, which is 20 months away. I have a number of projects between now and then, including getting the S-Type tiptop, so the timing is probably sensible, despite my being impatient to get my hands on one! I just hope the prices don't spiral between now and then and that I can find a suitable vehicle when the time comes :wink:

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I've read just about every online buying guide I can find in the last days, and ideally I'm looking for a 4.2 with the 6 speed box. If, at any point an owner of one of these, or even the earlier 4.0 can comment on the ownership experience, I'd be grateful.

All the best, Russ

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ita a monumental leap from S type to XKR (4.0 2002 conv)--I have both. Once you have purchased it just forget about what its worth ( going up in price anyway) and enjoy.Just be prepared  It WILL cost you money-LOTS- to keep it running right but thats to expected. I love it -yes its dated and the roof is clumsy etc etc but still makes me smile when I open the garage doors. oh and it goes like stink :)

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Hi Tom, 

Thanks so much for your response, after the very active S-Type forum, I'd almost given up hope of a reply from an actual X100 owner! I'm looking for a coupe, so the roof does not bother me, and I'm looking to do a rolling restoration, much as I have been on the S-Type. So buying a usable car with MOT and maintaining / improving it. I will not be looking to cover a lot of miles on an annual basis, but the odd large road trip plus runs out at the weekend to keep her ticking over.

My thought process went from seriously considering the S-Type R, but not seeing enough benefit / difference between my Sport manual and that. Whereas the XKR is very different, the spiritual successor to the E-Type with supercar performance.

Do you do your own mechanics? I can imagine paying someone to maintain them would be expensive, I hope to do this myself. From what I can see spares availability should be good. Mechanics shared with various other Jag and Land Rover models, and a good support network via the clubs and various specialists. Were there particular costs you had in mind and is anything ruinously expensive? What have you had to do on yours?

Plus how do you find the handling and have you done any modifications over standard? I'd be interested in the Racing Green sequential shifters, never being a great fan of autos. But I may come to like the auto box as everyone else seems to get on with it!

Thanks, Russ

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Do you do your own mechanics? ----Err that lump in the front makes it go I think. . Sadly I rely on others. Parts are readily available and my biggest cost so far has been garage  labour. When I bought mine I sent it to a Jag specialist who overhauled the suspension and changed a sensor or two which entailed removing supercharger -eek---plus a few other bits --parking sensors, wheel bearing etc.(2K) ..Handling is good and I have made no mods to it. Running on 20 inch BBS wheels which I thought about changing for 18`s to give a more comfortable ride over my very rural roads but haven`t bothered . I only do tiny mileage and keep it for weekend jaunts only. Auto box is fine but I always have autos anyway. ( it is a Jaguar after all )

hope that helps.

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That does help, thanks! I'm from an engineering background and for my sins I did a few years in the motor trade, so while not a professional mechanic, there's nothing / very little I can't do myself, especially after researching and seeking advice from the forums. This makes a big difference to running costs, but can eat into my weekends! There's nothing I've heard so far which has scared me off, I'll check all the usual stuff, inc rust, which I think can be a problem. Hopefully the right one will turn up when I need it, the Mrs has persuaded me I should get one for my 50th which is 18 months away, hopefully the prices don't rise too much between now and then!

I'll keep an eye on it and may buy one before time if the right one comes up. The only thing that held me back is I still have a fair bit of work to do on the S-Type, and I want to recommission my MGF in the spring, and I was in danger of having lots of unfinished projects with nothing competed.  Whereas, when I get the XKR, I want to be free to devote my full attention to it, and have the other vehicles to use without a ton of maintenance :yes:.

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Hello Russ,

I have just joined so the reply to you post is a bit late!

I have an X100, 2002 with about 115000 miles on the clock. I have owned the car for six years and do quite a lot of the repairs myself. The car has not cost a great deal in maintenance other than welding of rust problems and a partial re-spray. Neither of which I can do myself. The car is my only transport and it has been a very practical and serviceable vehicle. 

When I first purchased the car I had it serviced for a few years at an independent Jag specialist (Surrey Jag in Croydon). I took it to them just after I purchased the car to have it checked out. I have worked overseas a lot at that time and did not have the time to do the work on the car myself. They are quite good and about half the price of the Jaguar dealer.

The rust problem was the floor pan front, the rear sill area and part of the rear suspension mounting point. The floor pan rusting problem is caused by two additional plates (about 100mm square) used by Jaguar during assembly. Water gets between the plate and the floor and rots the floor pan. The sill is a double compartment arrangement and rusts out at the very rear near the back wheel arch. Other wise it seems to be OK.

The rear suspension is a bit daunting as there are many bushes and mountings that can wear. I replace parts myself as required. 

I have replaced the disc due to wear, one front track control arm (joint gaiter failed before I purchased the car) several rubber bushes on the suspension, one wheel bearing,  the AC evaporator, pasagers door lock complete, head linning (I recovered the existing moulding) and Oil cooler (damaged by a kerb and my stupidity). Parts are readily available (new and second hand) on the internet.

The only modifications I made are the upper supercharger pulley (well worth doing) some polly bushes on the suspension (not sure about them) and fitting HIDs to the headlights. I looked at remapping the ECU but was advised that it would give about 20 BHP only so I did not do it.

The car has been a great drive and is still a real head turner. I have used it to commute from London to Cologne at weekends for several months (great fun on the autoban in the small hours of a Monday morning!!!), a few laps of the Nurburgring :-) and trips to Spain for extende holidays.

I have had two breakdowns. I purchased a new key from Jaguar. Within a few weeks the transponder fell out and the car would not start! In fairness Jaguar were excelent. Even though the car was nine years old they refunded the towing charge and the garage costs (Jag independant garage as well). Stratstones, who I bought the key from, were less than helpfull. The other problem was the Oil cooler which I hold my hand up for!

I intend to keep the car for as long as I can, it is a great drive and still a looker.

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Hi Stuart,

Thanks so much for your detailed response, just what I was looking for :wink1:

I would have said it's a case of when not if now as I was determined to get my hands on one! Ideally like yours a 2002 or later with the 4.2 and 6 speed. I've spoke the Anthony at Berkshire Jag Spares, who has been excellent re the S-Type bits, and they support the XK's as well, so this will be my go to source for major bits.

Except it appears the prices are already rising sharply. A quick search suggests there doesn't seem to anything much under £10K at the moment, and many are around the £15K mark for the 4.2. If it carries on like this, it may need a rethink, although for this money, it'd have to be a good one!

If I miss out I'll be gutted, I came very close to picking up a 2002 4.2 for £5K earlier in the year, I had the money but the misses talked me out of it. If I miss out or have to spend 2-3 times the money, she will never heard the last of it! The 4.0 is cheaper, but it's the later 4.2 I really want :yes:

Thanks again, Russ

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On 8.7.2016 at 11:26 AM, Russ68 said:

I've been the proud owner of an S-Type Sport for over a year now and I'm becoming increasingly interested in sourcing an XKR Coupe.


On 11.7.2016 at 11:51 AM, Russ68 said:

After a frank discussion with my significant other, we've agreed that an XKR would make an excellent 50th birthday present, which is 20 months away.

Funny you should say that. I've been telling my friends lately how the favourite wife has started swooning over XK8/XKR ads. :whistling:

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