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Hello, and a 2008 X Type question


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Hi All,

          Been hanging around for a while but not posted on Here so just saying hi to everyone and have a question.


Am looking at a 2008 X Type 2.2 D Sovereign estate from a dealer with 50k on the clock and it has a noisy N/S front wheel bearing which they are going to change however the question is would this be normal on a 50k car.

Rest of the car looks nice and clean with an asking price of £7500 would this be about right.



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Hi Paul Welcome to the club its nice hearing from you It would be nice if you could show us a few shots

and please join in we are a friendly bunch .

I think a wheel bearing could have a fault on any car after 8 yrs I think it just one of those things .???

And its good your getting it done before you purchase.The mileage sounds OK but before you buy have

a good look under her and run a check on the past -MOT's that tells you a lot about the history of the car.???

You just need the Reg .





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Thanks Frank, the dealer had a print out of the MOT history which had nothing to speak of, has been one of their MD's cars for the last 3 years so should have been well looked after and the price seems to be good for the spec and mileage.

What should I be looking for ?

going to have another look tomorrow.

Here are a couple of photos



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i own a 2.0d on a  54 plate, if you do consider on a x type diesel make sure there is no rattle from the daul mass flywheel,( makes a loud thumping noise)but with 50k on the clock it should be fine!  also on the test drive press every button going and see if they work ?  thuds, rattles, squeaks, a possible case of bushes?  then service history, + stamps. no steering wobble,  no brake judder when pressing brake pedal !,   if a noise comes from the left side of the engine when running it my be the crankshaft wheel damper or pulley tensioner, make sure all door rubbers are in good condition with no cuts includes rear boot,  check all sills as the x type does suffer with this problem of rust so be warned to check on this. best return of miles per gallon on mine is 49mpg.  also the drivers seat wears bad in the bottom corner with wear and tear. test drive the car until up to running temp then check air works to cold air ?    heater also hot/cold. check what tyre wear is left on all tyres check in boot for spare and wheel change kit. feel if car pulls hard to any side. (tracking)  just a few things there for you......good luck on the car. 

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Thanks for the replies, viewed it again today and had a good look round it, dealer has agreed to 2 new tyres, rear bumpe re-paint and front stone chip repairs, a new mirror switch as the top cover is hanging off, a full major service and will sort out the wheel bearing all in the original price so all in all I am very happy with the deal.


Pick it up next Monday, looking forward to it.





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Hi Paul,

You have had some good answers from some very knowledgeable members.

It does look as if you have got a good deal and a fair price for as Sovereign with all the bells and whistles.

My son bought a Jaguar Sport 2.0D estate on an 06 plate last year with 90k on the clock.  The car is fairly basic and was not a bad buy at £3500 but a 2.2 engine with Sovereign spec and a low mileage is certainly worth the extra money..

I hope you enjoy both the Club and your Jaguar.



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