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18" Alloys


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Would it be alright to fit 18" alloys to my S Type 3.0 S 2004, I am Looking at R342S BBS Monaco alloy Wheels, I presently have 17" wheels 

fitted. And could I get a great deal on 4 New tyres for same from someone in the Club.

many thanks for your previous helps I have received.

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Hi Colin,

I have 18" alloys on my S type which were on the car when it came out of the factory in 2007. The do give a good ride.

tyres often come down to a personal choice, and you will get a lot of good suggestions from embers who have used various makes.

There was a survey some years ago that gave tyre ratings, with Goodyear and Vredestein coming out at the top end. ,   but I have heard that Nexens are good tyres and there are quite a few others that get good reports and are not as expensive.



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Nice one Malcolm, looking good!

I've been considering a boot spoiler, I think it'll finish off the back end nicely. Did you fit that one yourself and is it based on the STR one or something aftermarket? If anyone has any knowledge regarding options for boot spoilers, I'd be interested.

I'll post up a picture of the staggered Vulcan 18's I have once I have the new rears sprayed and fitted :wink:

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I agree, but I've always thought the rear view of mine was less than inspiring, which is why I've gone for the staggered STR rims and I'm considering the spoiler. Below it has the standard 185/40/18 Vulcans, but she will soon has 275/35's which will fill the arches out nicely :yes:



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Thanks Malcolm! Although I like the way she goes as much if not more than what she looks like! 3.0 Sport with a manual box and constantly exceeding my expectations :yes:

I'll start a new post re spoilers so as not to hijack Colin's post :wink:

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4 hours ago, Relph1970 said:

Mines a 200 sport so im guessing it was always on there but I maybe wrong but yeah it does finish the rear end off nicely, gives her that hunkered down mean look but still beautiful. But arent all S Types beautiful 😊👍


Small world Malcolm, mines a Sport 200 also.

Russ I believe the spoiler is based on the STR


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