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S-type stop light

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My partner and I are proud owners of a very low mileage XK X150  and a 2007 2.7D S-type, both very cossetted.

Recently, the right-hand brake light Bulb failed on the S-type, this having happened three times since purchase in July 2016.  An easy enough job to do, but unfortunately, and inadvertently, the metal part of the Bulb holder assembly briefly touched against the frame of the car.

Result, a very strange light combination.  O/S reverse light not working, O/S indicator flashing VERY dimly in unison with an equally dim flashing brake light and the N/S indicator flashing in unison.

A call to the local Jaguar dealer resulted in an inability to get past the "pretty people" who seem to provide an effective barrier to getting to somebody who knows how the cars actually operate! Another sagely announced that a diagnostic would be required (£120 + vat) and most probably a replacement lighting module.

Self investigation proved that the remedy was remarkably simple......fuse 48 (10amp) in the boot mounted fuse box (one of three fuse boxes in the car) had blown. Replacement gave the required result - all lighting working correctly!

Hopefully this may be useful for others who don't necessarily want to run off to their local Jaguar dealership and come away with next year's holiday money somewhat depleted!

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The root reason for this is that the rear light clusters on these cars are switched negatives within the rear electronics module. (Ask anybody who has had to wire up a tow-bar on an S-Type). The metalwork of the light cluster is therefore permanently live and any contact with the car's bodywork will likely blow a fuse.

However, the interesting thing is that there are, in fact, two supplies to the cluster, which is why you were getting weird effects, owing to the unusual  electrical paths formed in the cluster when one of the live supplies was missing.

Once you've seen it, the symptoms you describe are a good diagnostic pointer to check both live supplies.

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Easily done, as soon as you open any doors on the s-type, most of the electrics become live

the back lights on the s-type have 2 separate 12 volts feeds to each light, and there live most of the time, because the s-type uses permanent 12v feed to most things and then switched the earth to operate them through control modules

so you do have to watch when removing any lamps holders or anything on the car as they are live 12v feed for forty minutes after any door or boot has been opened

if in doubt allways disconnect the battery



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Welcome to the Club, Carole.

Exchanging information is very useful.  I sometimes print off posts to keep in my file for future t=reference.

I have had my  s type [07 plate 2.7d] for almost four years and I never use main dealers for the odd issue I have had with my car.  I use a mobile mechanic and gave done for the last 15 years, who is very knowledgeable and reliable, and nowhere near as expensive.

We live in Sutton Coldfield.



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Many thanks to all those who have responded; useful information indeed, not to mention saving a large bill if you are not sure what you are looking at!

Outside of that, the S type (in Seafrost with ivory interior) has proved to be a delightful everyday car.  A few early teething problems after purchase in July 2016......replacement of the brake servo (apparently a fairly common issue) at 54K miles, and an occasional (now sorted) appearance of the DPF warning due to the fact that in the first 9 years of its life, the S had mostly been used to potter about locally.  The household "lorry" for trips to the tip, taking the dogs out and general running about is a Citroen C4 Picasso and the XK X150 mentioned under the XK forum is the high days and holidays cossetted car.

Owners Club forum has already proven to be very useful, and well worth the pennies. We have even visited Halfords more times than we ever thought we might, armed with the 15% off card.

Happy Growling!

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