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Heated windscreen


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I am reaching the point of having the heated front screen removed and replaced with a non heated one, the heating elements are driving me cuckoo , I dont like the constant greying of the screen or looking through the elements when the sun shines.

I wonder if my screen is a cheap replacement or is every one the same.


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Hi Mike,

I had my windscreen replaced after a large stone jumped up after a lorry passed me.

Autoglass replaced it with the correct item and it works fine, as it should.

Just look out for a flying brick, making are you have £50 in your back pocket.



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Hi Mike.

Funny thing...

Many years ago I had a Ford Scorpio with a heated windscreen; it was dreadful - couldn't ignore the elements in the glass. Just got a 2011 XF and was worried about the thought of the screen with wavy lines, but  don't notice them at all unless I force myself to focus on the screen rather than beyond it. They seem to be much finer than in the Ford version. Maybe you're right and it's possibly a non-standard screen.

Almost looking forward to a frosty morning to see what it can do now!


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18 minutes ago, R2e said:

I hope this is not a suggestion that one should defraud the insurance company? That would be illegal.

Of course it isn't.  A broken windscreen when driving is very dangerous.  The last time mine was broken was in the middle of heavy traffic close to the M5.  A 12" crack right in the middle of the driver's side.

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I wonder why you want an argument with me, when I made a humorous comment. You could, indeed, report the post. It does not infer that one should welcome a flying brick, and as someone  who has had a few  broken windscreens you only know you are getting a hit on you windscreen when it actually happens.

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