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West Midlands Meet


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Ok.  Nothing ever seems to happen regarding meetings.  Perhaps we could change that?

For starters perhaps we should be a little more clear where we live?   I live just outside Malvern in Worcestershire.

Anyone up for a meet at the Duke of York Castlemorton on Saturday 1st December?  Say 1 pm?   Good food and beer there too. https://www.dukeofyorkberrow.co.uk/

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Hi Frank,

That is a good idea.

 Actually, there was a West Midlands Meet  on the 22nd July 2018 at Tamworth Jaguar.  Lancaster Jaguar  [who provided cakes and coffee]and myself advertised this meet  but only 6 people turned up, two of which were not club Members and of the other four, one came from Northwich in Cheshire, one from Teesside, and one from Leicestershire.  Only one from the West Midlands turned up, and that was me.  The event had been publicised for two months,

So good luck and note that I have pinned and featured your post.

I will come myself if I am not busy that weekend.



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so sorry frank as I would have turned up for this meet....as I went to the tamworth meet as peter says.  but we are away holidaying and not back till late December. hope you have a better turn out and some decent weather.  all the best guys ….. dave

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