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2002 S Type Auto V6

stewart bowker

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Hi this will be my first post .

Car location Borneo 

Problem:-recently - Intermittent starting - when attempting to start turning the ignition key most times nothing happens - no clicking nothing - then when I try again the car starts as normal - the garage here in Miri Borneo said it could be the steering lock problem ? - note the battery is fine - any input would be appreciated 

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Hi Stewart, and welcome to the Club.

Not being a mechanical expert I would guess that it is a starter motor problem.  I don't understand why the steering lock is mentioned  other than to being something electrical.

Let us know how it goes.



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Hi Peter thanks for your email - Ok the brief!! at first I thought it was the battery problem so tried to jump start (!! I know) but nothing - checked batteries found to be good. So I thought maybe a bad battery connection opened up terminals cleaned put back and - started no problem - all cured - so I thought - tried to start again an hour or so later - nothing turn the key no click sound nothing same as before, SOO cleaned the battery terminal again - nothing !! as above no click sound - came back the next day tried to start and it did start immediately

So Im  thinking of a loose or dry connection somewhere - relay - or starter connection terminal - or bad earth somewhere or possible the actual ignition switch itself. 


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Hi Stewart

If I were you, I would get them to check whether the power is getting to components (using a multimeter), for example:

  • Is current getting to the starter motor solenoid terminals?
  • is the starter solenoid engaging?
  • do the headlights dim when turning the key?
  • is the battery 100% condition?
  • are the chassis earth terminals secure and free from corrosion?
  • are the battery terminals tights?

There are so many fundamental tests to go through before condemning components and always start at the source of the power supply - the battery!

Let us know how these checks go

Cheers .  Trevor

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Hi Raislin

i think we are getting somewhere - as mentioned in my opening post the local garage here ( small garage) in his limited English spoke something about the steering lock and asked if I had ? Code - I’m not sure what he was referring too - but from your post it seems he could be on the right trail - do you know what code he could be referring too- and if yes where would I obtain same 

many thanks Stewart 


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I've seen steering lock failure several times. There isn't a code as far as I'm aware. However, the problem can usually be fixed by a quick reset on the Jaguar diagnostics. If not then the steering lock module is faulty and needs to be replaced.

DO you get any indication of a steering lock error on the drivers display or, as I said, do you hear the relay clunk when you insert the key?

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