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All-season Tires


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Toyo Proxes 4 are  performance summer tyre, typically found on Hot hatchbacks and would be a absolute nightmare in winter

trouble with all season tyres there typically softer compound, to be any use in winter, which means they wont last any where near as long

you would be better getting a set on winter tyres and either getting a cheap set of wheels, which there are plenty of, or just swappng the tyres just before winter and swapping back just before it warms up, that way you would at least get 4 or 5 years out of the winter tyres




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Hi Francis and welcome to the Club.

I have never had winter tyres or summer tyres, but find that all season tyres are the best and do well in all seasons.

I have had Goodyears for some time and find them rather good in the wet as well a the sunny weather.




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