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Brand shiny new to the club


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I have decided to get into Jaguar ownership for the first time with a car that I have always liked, the X-Type estate. A pretty good low mileage 2004 car, needs new tyres all round but appears sound other than that. It will sit next to my much older Triumph Dolomite and TR7 V8 as a more modern and useable modern classic, some tried putting me off with horror stories of unreliability and expense, really, I have owned several TR7s. Not much can bother me now! I guess it is the same as any older car, look after it properly and it will be fine. Looking forward to driving it as much as possible and getting to some local groups. Any particular quirks that I should be aware of or things to especially look out for?

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Hi Rob, I have a 2008 version and I love it. Its now done 140k and has had all the problems that most of the other cars that I have owned. Always use premium fuel and I change the oil and filter every 8k miles. From a driving point, its the best drive ever. Enjoy.



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Welcome to the Club, Rob.   I have previously owned two X-Types (both 2.5 v6 AWD) they were two of the most reliable cars I have ever had  each of them for 3/4 years  and only part ever needed (other than Oil, Filters & Brakes) was one of them required an ABS Sensor replaced.  Hope you have many happy miles with yours.

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Welcome to the club, Rob.

The X Type estate is a great workhorse as well as a comfortable car to drive.  [One of my sons has one].

What model is it?  I had a saloon with the 2.5 V6 engine with all wheel drive - a bit thirsty if you drove it hard, but if you gave it a steady run 35 mpg was not uncommon.

Enjoy the experience,



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