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Alan huxley

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As I previously posted, my S Type Sat Nav refuses to speak, which obviously causes problems. I read in another post, a member was asking if replacement Sat Navs could be bought. Another member mentioned Jagdroid.

Has any Jaguar owner purchased a Jagdroid sat nav update, where the central screen unit is replaced with a Jagdroid one, incorporating  sat nav and loads of other hi tech streaming gizmos, which I probably would not use, but has the capability of incorporating rear, or front and rear parking cameras, a function I really miss from my two previous cars.

Any information would be appreciated.


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Ive got it in mine, got the newer n2 version, which is faster and more storage

well recommended, have reverse camera fitted to mine and it all works excellent and so does still all the oe stuff

one problem I can see is, if you have no sound now, you still may have no sound with jagdroid as it uses the same fibre optic system for sound

when you say you have no nave sound, does all the rest of sound work, cd player does that still work for sound



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Hi Joe , Thanks for your answer it seems like a good investment.

Re my existing sat nav, it came with no sound, but fiddling around with  all possible controls have had some directions, but when I then went to set up a route, just silence.

The CD , radio and traffic announcements all work, so hopefully the Jagdroid would then work.

Can I say on behalf of myself and probably all the members, a big thanks for all your technical expertise answers you give to everybody.


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Hi all,

i'm looking at this, but have to actually fit a touch screen 1st as is just the standard stereo (lots planned to be done to the car as is low spec), does anyone know how hard installing the touch screen is and how much the jag droid actually costs? 


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The MoleMan, 

This is my reply from Jagdroid including their contact websites.

Hi thanks for your message.
I have two options. First is a bluetooth upgrade to the CD player as seen here: www.jagdroid.org/jagdroid-cd/ which is £175 GBP including UK return postage.
Or for the full Android system I can upgrade a touchscreen and CD player that you send to me here in the UK. For me to do the JagDroid conversion, including all parts and the Odroid N2 Android computer with Wifi, GPS, bluetooth, 16Gb eMMC storage would be £620 plus postage back to you. It will include connections for Front and Rear cameras, which you can install yourself if you want those functions.
Please read all the details on my website at www.jagdroid.org to ensure you are familiar with what the system can and can't do, including the installation instructions (http://www.jagdroid.org/installation-odroid-n2/) and optional add-ons (http://www.jagdroid.org/next-steps/). If you go ahead I would do the upgrade and send you an invoice with a link to pay by card online, when it's ready to send back to you.
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Thanks for that guys. i have done some digging and seems that fitting this to a non-nav car is going to be more work that i am willing to commit to (read risk !Removed! up stuff).

Have decided on a 'normal' head unit, posted questions here:


Is a pity as really fancied the jag doid stuff, looks like it was ment.... such is life.

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