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Hello, I am having problems every now and then with the DPF warning light on my 2009 Jaguar XF.

I dont do any motorway driving, only short trips so I know this is why it is happening but I really like the car

Someone said that I could take the DPF out and have it re-mapped, as anyone done this and is it advisable?

Thanks for your help in advance


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only usually viable if you know some on at a garage who does dodgy mot's, because if theres any signs that the egr's, dpf's or cats have been tampered with, its a instant fail, its also illegal and also these days if you have a accident through no fault of you own, insurance companies are checking cars to get out of paying out.

but a lot of people are still doing it, so its your choice



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As Joe saya, an MOT failure, plus the insurance side of things.

Buy an iCarSoft diagnostic box and you can force a regen and thentake the car for along drive.....cheaper than  replacing the DPF.

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Hi Both,

Thank you for your replies, I had no idea that this was a dodgy thing to do!

I would never want to take any risk where insurance and MOT are concerned, so I will definitly not be going down that route.

Since my last post I had managed to clear the DPF by taking the car for a run down the motoraway, But.......

Unfortunatly the car went into restricted mode when I let the diesel run down to 25 miles range, looking on the internet it said that fueI being low could have been the problem. I filled up and the problem went away for about a week.

It has now gone into restricted mode yet again and this time, as I know I wasn't low on fuel, I took it to a local garage and got it plugged in the code has come back which is the following: P006A manifold absolute pressure mass or volume air flow correlation. 

I have changed the maf sensors (both of them) and also noticed the throttle body gaskets could do with being changed so I did them also. 

Has anybody had this problem and if so was it a easy fix or is it somthing more sinister?

Thanks for your help in advance



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Wise not to void the insurance as if you're pulled by the police, they could and probably would impound it if it's checked and found to have any sort of alterations not declared to the insurance people. Happened to a mate of mine just because he'd stuck a wing/spoiler on the back, something I never knew (though I would imagine you would get away with one of those slim stick on ones).  

As for these sort of faults, I'm not expert but an HGV diesel mechanic I used to know who could practically dismantle and rebuild a diesel engine blindfold reckoned that 95% of problems were because people never change the fuel filters. 

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