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Should I buy a used XF?


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Got so many questions I don't know where to start so I'm reading up to try to find as many answers as I can, but the overriding one is should I buy a used, high mileage (i.e. 80-100k miles) XF? 

Although I'm not a diesel fan, I guess the V6 3L is the sensible one to go for, and I know they're a lot more refined these days but is a high mileage one going to be all rattly and horrible? 

And do I go for a newer (post 2011?) one with higher mileage or say an older 2008-09 one which slightly less miles on it? I see you can pick them up for around £6-8k with around 80,000m on the clock. What do I need to look out for apart from a good service history? I've got a budget of £9-£10k but like to keep something back in case any repairs/replacements are needed as I would only expect a relatively short warranty from a dealer, and my wife retires in a couple of years so I don't want to go too mad (otherwise it would have been an F-Type  😄 ). But I'm not good at buying cars and got very lucky with my last one.


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Hi Gary,

Well, my story matches yours...

Recently stopped working, gave back company car (Mercedes).

Bought my forever dream car (XF-S Portfolio.

There have been problems, but simply driving it is a pleasure.


  • Cam covers
  • Water pump
  • Brake discs
  • tyres, tyres, tyres! (have a heavy right foot!)
  • Points on licence! (See above!)

If I were you, I'd go  for pre-2011 with the best spec you can find. Others may disagree, but you cant beat the original!

Need a pic of whatever you get tho!

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pre-2011? I was thinking that any issues would have been ironed out in the post-2011 model, other than that I'm not really sure what the differences are, they both look the same to me apart from the difference bonnet shape around the headlights, though I've not had a good look yet. 

Does anyone know if folding rear seats and folding mirrors (electric) come as standard? First because I often have to rescue the missus and her bike when she has a puncture, and with the front wheel off it will (just) go in the boot of my S60 with the seats down, and the latter because I live on a narrow lane and don't have a driveway. If not I'll have to look for one with both fitted. 

Sometimes think I must be mad, I'm driving a 19 year old Volvo S60 T5 (2.4 turbo petrol) 102k miles, had it 9 years and never had a problem except for tyres, brakes and new exhaust back box last month - although the air con's currently not working and I had it re-gassed 6 months ago at the last service. But I've always wanted a Jag and this looks like a great opportunity to get a top car at decent money. No point spending a fortune as I do under 5k a year. Just a little concerned about potential issues giving that I'm getting rid of a car with relatively few.


<<< Should read "No Jaguar yet!"

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I agree with Jon. I bought my 3litre diesel xf portfolio two years ago. 2010 with high mileage. I've replaced tyres pads and discs due to normal wear. Other than that the car runs like a dream and has never let me down. I go to France regularly and have just done two weeks in Cornwall. Makes driving s pleasure again.

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What would you call "high mileage"? As a used buy they look like a lot of car for the money I have to say.

Also, I'm slightly confused over the model range. Some videos say the Portfolio is the top model, others say the Premium Luxury. 

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Portfolio is the top model.

What I did when I was looking for an XF was to go on to eBay and buy a sales brochure that represented what I was looking for - which was a facelift. The brochire will show you the differences between the various models and what is standard and what are optional extras.

With modern engines it is no longer a case of 100k miles being high mileage. 200k is nowhigh mileage but expect higher mileage than that. If you are going to do 5k miles pa then buy one at 100k then it will take 20 years to 200k.


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Some key differences for facelift models - note there are also Business (very basic) and SE and R-Sport versions.

Of the other 3 there are:

Luxury - bonded leather seats with 6 x 6 way electric adjustment, no driver memory function, basic audio system 17" wheels

Premium Luxury - soft grain leather seats with 10 x 6 way electric adjustment with memory, middle audio system, 18" wheels, heated windscreen, folding mirrors, folding rear seats

Portfolio - Soft grain leather with 16 x 12 electric adjustment with memory function, active ventilated front seats - heated and cooled, top of range audio system,19" wheels, folding mirrors, folding rear seats

Obviously, there are optional extras that can be added to all models. Standard colour was white with other colours a paid for option with the exception of some colours being a no cost option with the Portfolio.

The 3.0l is nice and smooth and very pokey in S version.

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Very useful, thank you. Most the ones on sale circa 2010 seem to be the Prem Lux models. Most have everything I want though, other than a sunroof which would have been nice but I believe they can let a lot of dust in, and the electric rear blind which I'm hoping will be a retro fit option as we carry a small dog in the back so will be useful. 

I've got an appointment to look at one this morning but it's had a good few MOT fails, mostly for tyre issues, an advisory for an oil leak and worn brake discs in 2020 so I'll need to know they were sorted. Also has a first MOT with a higher figure than subsequent ones, the speil says it was recorded in km rather than miles. All by a London main dealer, seems an odd mistake for a main dealer to make unless the dash display was set to kilos but otherwise it looks tidy:

Used Jaguar Xf Saloon 3.0 Td V6 Premium Luxury 4dr in Bolton, Lancashire | J M Car Sales Limited (jmcarsalesltd.co.uk)


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4 hours ago, PaulT said:

Does not seem a full service history with only 7 stamps.

Thanks, yes that's correct. I scrapped the idea of buying that one after doing further research. It had failed almost every MOT since 2013, mostly due to tyre wear and damage, but this was the fail sheet from 2019: 

Repair immediately (major defects):

  • Exhaust emissions exceed default limit of 1.5m-1 ( (b))
  • Rear fog lamp not working (4.5.1 (a) (ii))

Monitor and repair if necessary (advisories):

  • Nearside Front Tyre slightly damaged Side wall (5.2.3 (d) (ii))
  • Offside Front Tyre slightly damaged (5.2.3 (d) (ii))
  • Nearside Rear Tyre slightly damaged (5.2.3 (d) (ii))
  • Offside Rear Tyre slightly damaged (5.2.3 (d) (ii))
  • Brake disc worn, pitted or scored, but not seriously weakened Front brake discs slightly lipped and coroded (1.1.14 (a) (ii))
  • Brake disc worn, pitted or scored, but not seriously weakened Rear brake discs coroded (1.1.14 (a) (ii))
  • Oil leak, but not excessive engine (8.4.1 (a) (i))


So to me it doesn't look as though it's been looked after very well. I called to tell them I wouldn't be coming to look at it after all, but then was told it had sold the day before so thanks for letting me know, Mr. Dealer. 

A neighbour then recommended a place he's bought 3 cars from so far and I got an '09 model on sale for £8k with 50,000 miles on the clock, also in black (says metallic, it didn't look metallic but hadn't been cleaned and was inside like an old warehouse site). I wasn't expecting to buy yesterday but they had three in, in my price range.

In total including the pittance they gave me for my old Volvo (£100 - though I'd seen that coming and used it in the negotiations), I paid £7250. 3.0d V6 Prem Exec (240BHP), looks tidy enough, FSH and only had an advisory for worn discs all round on the last MOT so I got them to agree to do the discs and brakes all round, the water pump which had signs of an old leak, and the cambelt. I also got the warranty upped from 3 months to 6 months. 

I'm happy with the deal. Any car can be a gamble but this looks as though it's been looked after, HPI checked and all that, has everything I want and with relatively low mileage for the price. I'll get it when the work has been done in a week or so, so I'll post a pic then. First Jag so I'm really looking forward to it. 


BY the way, for those who don't know (I didn't until a few days ago) you can now check the full MOT history of a car (back to 2003 I think) with dates of passes, fails and mileage, and it even tells you what the car has failed on and what the advisories are (which would generally mean money needs spending at some point in the near future) - VERY useful if you're changing your car and negotiating a deal. 

Check the MOT history of a vehicle - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

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Well tomorrow's the day. I pick up the car around lunchtime. Seems OK, just over 50k miles on an 09 plate so I'm going to get the DPF checked for one thing as it may have done a lot of short journeys. I've been a little apprehensive all week, but mostly because I have a deep seated mistrust of used car dealers. But I've convinced myself that even if the dealer turns out to be iffy, it doesn't mean it's a bad car. Probably just me as I'm a bit of a stresshead and I tend to worry about everything, but it comes with a warranty so should be fine. 

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Finally got the car, and overall I'm very pleased with it, it certainly exceeds my expectations and I can't remember the last time I said that about a car. 

There are a couple of niggles though, but nothing too serious I don't think. 

1. "DPF Full, See Handbook" warning was on when I picked it up. I suspected early on this might be an issue as it's only been used for short journeys presumably, having only done around 3-4000 miles a year. I drove around 40-50 miles on the motorway but it hasn't cleared, so I'll try again tomorrow and then get a diagnostic test done locally before contacting the dealer. 

2. There was a light vibration, noticeable from around 70 mph but only when "cruising", not when accelerating. feels as though it could be wheel balancing.

3. Got to the filling station and couldn't open the filler flap, so came home to read the handbook and check online and it seems to be a common fault. However, I've read that if the passive alarm is selected it locks the fuel filler door even if the rest of the car is unlocked, if I've understood it correctly, so it may be that. Seems odd though that you would have to change the alarm setting just to open the fuel cap?

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Yes it is, and it will be going back to have the fuel filler cap issue fixed at a later date when I can arrange to get a lift back, as that's not a cheap fix apparently. But it has cheap crappy tyres on it, based on reviews I've read (Joyride RX6) so I'd rather change the tyres and get them balanced, and get the tracking checked locally in the meantime rather than do an 80 mile round trip and have to leave the car there and make my way back by train or whatever in the meantime - that, and going back for the car would probably cost more than having the tracking done locally and I'll know it's been done properly.

Of course, if the vibration is due to something else then it will have to go back to be sorted in any event but if I get it checked locally first i'll know exactly what needs doing which I think is important if it's anything more serious. 

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I drive an immaculate Saab 9-3 with only 20,000 on the clock but I have the opportunity to but an immaculate Jaguar XF 2012 2.2 with only 16,000 0n the clock cannot decide if i should swop for the Jag!

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Wow, where the hell did you find one with that mileage? I thought I was lucky to get a 2009 with 52k on the clock.

A mate of mine had a Saab 9-3 for 7 years, and has driven my Jag a couple of times. His answer - buy the Jag.  

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