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Checking oil


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Hi Daniel,

There isn't one!

It's all done electromagically, you have to run the engine for a bit, then switch off and wait for several minutes before pressing and holding the button on the left stalk. Car must be level and warmed up.


Hope this helps!

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I've got a couple of official recommendations now, one from Castrol and I think the other was from Shell. I'll post the details tomorrow. 

Seems the thing to be careful of is the manufacturers tend to use the same branding for all the different variants (e.g. Shell Helix Ultra), but there are different types and not all are low ash.


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That's what I meant. It's a matter of finding the right spec that seems to be the issue. I normally keep a 4-5L can in for when I need it, but using Castrol as an example, I wasn't able to find the recommended C1 type. Having contacted them I now know it's because they don't do a retail size larger than 1L, so I've just been researching who does and asking which one I need to buy which is the correct spec. 

For example, ask around and you'll probably be told by many garages that Castrol Edge 5w-30 is the one to buy, but the one you'll find is generally the one marked LL, which isn't the recommended C1 spec quoted by Jag. One is low ash (C1), the other one isn't (LL - see photo) but to look at the label most people wouldn't know there was more than one version. How would you? 




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Carlube have been around for years but are better known for other lubes, screenwash etc. I've always wondered about Oil, if some is much better than others or is it all the same? It has to be produced to a certain standard I would imagine. Are we just paying more for the big brand name? 

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