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hi guys i hope some can help. my parking assist isnt working on the s-type, red light is on (above head) and if anything is close by it cant be switched off.


I have been all the way around and can not hear any of the sensors ticking so does this mean its the module in the boot?


Any help would be brill before i go to the stealerships...





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I have a similar problem on my 2.7d XS 2007. The led above my head is amber though, but the fuse ( 29 in the cabin fuse box) is ok and and there is no sound from the sensors. There is no sound in the cabin. I have also pulled the connection plugs out of the module in the boot and refitted them. But still no sound. I assume its the module as well . Stratstone have quoted £95 for a new module.

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The indicator lamp displays to show there is a fault in the system.

It could be a faulty sensor, which would generate a fault code in the system and can be extracted with a code reader/scanner.

Sometimes the modules go faulty, especially if there has been some water ingress into the boot area.

It would be worthwhile taking taking the car to be diagnosed by a Technician rather than just replacing components randomly as they can work out very expensive to replace only to find it hasn't fixed the fault.


Hope this helps?

Regards,  Trevor

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To check the system, turn on ignition (do not start engine) place car in reverse and then put your ear right up to the sensors, you should here a clicking noise, it is really faint so you must put your ear to the sensor, if you find a sensor with no clicking noise then that is the one that will need changing, if all of them do not make a noise then probably a module but get the garage to check with their software to make sure. I have just done this and found my outer near side was faulty. Luckily mine was under warranty which my dealer gave me when I brought the car, if it hadn't been it was over £400 to get my Jag garage to replace as the rear number has to be removed and believe me there is no other way but to remove the bumper.

Hope this helps.

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This happened to me on my x type.  I had a technician locate the sensor that was faulty which cost £35. It was the outer rear driver's side.  It was never replaced due to my x type being stolen shortly after.I think the sensor itself costs about £15.


Good luck.

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