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noisy steering

richo brown

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hi to all. I have a manual s-type 3.0 v6 and when turning the steering makes a loudish creaking sound as does the suspension on the front passenger side. These problems both started at pretty much the same time a couple of weeks ago.

One other thing how hard a job is it to change the engine mounts on these as they clunk a good bit.

Havent had it long so want to sort this out myself and get to know the car. I am quite handy with a spanner, but would like some pointers first.

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My 2001 "S" Type 3.0 SE has only done 71000 miles and is running really well but has recently developed the same symptoms of quite loud squeaking from the front steering/suspension when manoeuvring at slow speeds. Just wondered if you have found an answer to your problem Richo.

A more recent post on the same subject identified a repair procedure using a PAS Squeak/Fluid Additive but this related only to model years 2003 onwards so it may not apply equally to 2001 models.

Can anyone else suggest an answer for my local garage seem totally baffled!!

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Hi Richard

I think if I was you I would first check your -Tye-rod ends for play or when you move them if they feel rough.????

Plus check all suspention joints for play etc

Its stange that your engine mounts have gone are you sure on that.???



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Welcome to the club, Richard.


You will enjoy your S Type, and you have had some helpful idea.  ---  Sharing experiences is what the Club is about.






[Martin --  I have had 11 Escorts- the last being an immaculate EFI convertible in Red, and they first ones being Mk1 and Mk2 models -  all brand new.  They would really go but stopping was something else.]  

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Peter as a bit of history on my escort, my dad was the first owner back in 72. He traded it in in 73 for a mk3 cortina. I bought the car back in 2004 after seeing it on eBay. Its a 1300 sport and only 16 registered on the road. Still has the aerial he fitted as it didnt originally have a radio.

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Hi Martin,


Interesting seeing you Dad's old car.


They had very little equipment fitted.  My first Escort was  000459K and was a 1.3L in Metallic green. It was a company car and was changed every year and I had the same model till 2001 when some bright spark said we had to have the Morris Ital - an awful car, then it was Rovers. But we had also an Escort 1.3L estate and then the beautiful 1.6 EFi in Brilliant red with a black ragtop.

 But the S Type eclipses them all!



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