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  1. Dear Joe,

    I posted a message last Friday in the New Members Introduction page but I'm afraid I don't get the attention there and since you're an experienced S-TYPE owner I would like to ask you the question as I wrote it:



    Proud Dutch 1st time owner of S-TYPE 4.0 V8 from 2000


    Hello all,


    I hope some of you Jaguar S-TYPE 4.0 V8 owners can help me out please:

    I'm a very proud 1st time owner of a Jaguar S-TYPE 4.0 V8 delivered April 2000; Always parked in my garage and just some 105.000km (65.000miles) on the meter; many dealer and test reports shows so..

    The car is in a mint condition (with a few minor details)

    BUT, I'm now confronted with a rusted SUBFRAME which has a Jaguar part number XR831985

    Can anyone advise me how to go from here and where I could find a good quality trusted garage/spare parts company who can deliver such a subframe, (after inspection of course) to be shipped

    to The Netherlands?

    Thank you in advance and really hope you can be of assistance.

    Kind regards




    Do you have an idea HOW I could fix the problem with the rusty SUBFRAME XR831985 ?

    My garage (not a Jaguar dealer since they're not very good in my neighbourhood I'm afraid)  found a fully restored and refurbished SUBFRAME but I would like to know if you're aware of this S-TYPE problem.

    My Jaguar S-TYPE has been parked in a garage all her life (for 20 years now) but it's a real shame that Jaguar didn't protect the subframe during construction in the first place.

    ANY IDEA what I should do best?

    I hope you can find the time to let me know,

    Kind regards


    1. JOE-DOT-COM



      only real fix really is to replace the subframe,

      they do pop up regular on ebay or you need to try breakers like auto reserve,

      maybe one of them will ship to netherlands

      has to be a pre 2002 subframe to fit yours

      you would be better off going on facebook groups for Jaguar S-types and asking on there for recommended car parts breakers, maybe some there can recommend some one who will ship to netherlands



    2. JaapNL


      Hello Joe,

      Re: SUBFRAME XR831985 - CHASSIS number: SAJAA01F7YGL64182 - JAGUAR S-TYPE 4.0 V8 - 17-04-2000

      I'm very pleased with your answer, I really am.

      A garage in my neighbourhood in The Netherlands (not a Jaguar dealer since they would charge even higher) found an old SUBFRAME which is in good condition. I'm waiting for the photos.

      The problem is the asking price of Euro 1.850.- + VAT-21% 388.50 = euro 2.238,50 (GBP 1.962,60) PLUS the disassembly and assembly of the Subframe, which is a lot of work and comes to another euro 1.012.- (GBP 888.-) so it comes to a total of GBP 2.850.- which seems very steep to me 😞 

      I searched on: https://www.autoreservejaguar.com/jaguar-parts/suspension-steering/subframe.html 

      but I couldn't find one there.

      Do you have another UK address selling Jaguar spare parts for me who might have a subframe?

      I will also follow your advice and start looking on Facebook JAGUAR S-TYPE groups.

      It's really sad that Jaguar didn't protect the subframe during construction with a simple TEXTYLATE product. Unbelievable really.

      The rest of the car is in absolute mint condition with low mileage: 65.000Miles since April 2000.


      Anyway, I hope to hear from you and I'm lucky to have found your profile.

      Thank you again and wish you a Happy Easter in these difficult time for all of us.





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