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Slam panel plastic cover


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Hi all,


I'm awaiting delivery of my Jaguar EPC but in the meantime I wonder if anybody could help with the following?


There is a plastic cover on the S Type which goes across the front of the engine bay over the top of the headlights.


This panel is held in place by plastic "widgets", one at each end and two in the middle.


Please can anybody tell me what the middle ones are called or, better still, provide a part number?







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It's XR812941.


Watch out though, some retailers are selling them at £22 each, whereas a more realistic price of £1.91 can be found at JustJags  http://www.justjagsuk.com/product_details/-Jaguar-S-Type-X150-X350-X351-%28new-XJ%29-XF-Clip/6444/138528/?model=&q=812941

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Or you could go to a scrappy and let e few fall into your pocket like the fuses and relays keep doing in my local yard

My local scrappy is 10 miles away and I've got a V8, it's cheaper to pay for the clips than a gallon of Shell's finest!  :blink:

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