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Brilliant customer relations.


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Hmm... how NOT to win customers.


I phoned JoJags today and asked if they had certain items. A list of about four things. The reply i got was:-


"What d'you want that lot for?" Difficult to convey in written word the tone of the question but certainly not friendly, in fact somewhat accusatory.


Not being used to such an interrogatory tone when trying to spend money with a retailer, I replied "I really don't think that is any concern of yours"


At which point I was treated to a stream of muttered invective before the "salesman" at the other end slammed the phone down. It seems that in certain quarters, the customer is always wrong.


Curiosity piqued by the unusual approach to sales technique I did a cursory search on the 'net and to be frank, I'm pleased I didn't enter into any trade with JoJags and furthermore, consider that I got away lightly with a mere diatribe.


I hasten to add, at this point, that I do happen to have the conversation, if it can be described thus, recorded ;)


Based upon my own, albeit limited, experience and also what I've now read on the 'net, JoJags are a thoroughly unpleasant entity to deal with.


These are purely my own views and experience of course but if anybody is thinking of trading with them, I'd advise caution and perhaps a little research first.

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im glad im not the only one that's feels this way about jojags i had dealings with them months ago and they even sent the wrong item when i asked for a refund had a long wait & loads of phones calls before i got any money back . would not use them again ever



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In an update:-

Jo-jags are also trading as "carsnorthwestltd" on fleabay.

How do I know that? Well, I thought I recognised the offensive abusive reply I got to a perfectly reasonable message. A little bit of digging produced the same phone number and the same voice at the other end.

Not really a people person, the chap behind jo-jags et. al.

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Thanks for the heads on this, funnily enough I saw a link to Xtypeparts on google this morning and clicked only to find that google have suspended their account due to non payment.........pfffft,  to be avoided.

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Just a quick comment on Jo-Jags --- they are usually very honest people in the area in which they operate  --  I was born and lived close to their premises for 33 years!

It is a small unit on an Industrial estate in Speke and i think they are fly-by-nights!


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