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S type 2006 & passenger wearing hearing aids

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Hello everyone

I have just purchased my first jaguar a 2006 s type xs 2.7d

My wife who has to wear hearing aids was most excited about seeing the car,so this afternoon we decided to go for a drive, she sat down in the passenger seat I put the key in the ignition to give her a tour of the features of the car only to be confronted by both her hearing aids 'clacking' constantly !

however if she moved back and forth or side to side it did diminish.

This was the same with the engine running with nothing operating in the car.

Could this be something to do with ultra sonic sensors monitoring the alarm or some other device in the cabin ?

It does not happen or appear to when she sat in the drivers seat.

It does not have a telephone or bluetooth installed ( yet )

She has never had this before in any vehicle I or she has owned in the past.

Has anyone else who is a hearing aid wearer experienced this ?







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Can't speak about the interference but there are several sensors in the roof lining monitoring the position of the front passenger so that if they lean too far forward the airbag won't deploy. Perhaps that is the issue.

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I agree with Harv.  If I put a shopping bag on the passenger seat the air bag light comes on to indicate there's a child in the seat and and the air bag is off.  I suspect it's the same sensor may be causing the problem with your wife's hearing aid. I don't know if the sensor is ultrasonic or infrared, but if its ultrasonic it could explain why it's causing problems.   

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