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To the forum owners and coders.

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There is nothing worse in a forum when the actual forum coders have caused a mess in there coding. I have taken days to get on here through the FORUM SERVER throwing errors constantly right in the middle of typing.

Go to complete the post and YOUR server kicks out the post which is NOT acceptable in this day and age of the internet.

FORUM OWNERS and people who code this forum PLEASE sort out your coding problems and server problems. If you don't know how too, ask for help, but PLEASE do-not say the usual forum reply of NOTHING wrong or no-one else has said this. I am a recent ex-UNI Lecturer in coding and Object Orientated Programming, so know I am not suffering problems at my end, only your end with your coding of this site and server problems.

I just joined here to speak to others about a Jaguar, NOT to sort out your website gremlins. I forget the server error code as I was so infuriated at what your coding had done to my entire post which takes me a long time to do.

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With respect ……..as an ex University lecturer I would have thought that you would realise that there are several common sense ways of diminishing the damage to your ‘writings’ and thus reducing your rising heart rate!

As a person who has a movement disorder (Generalised Dystonia) which means that among other things  i have ‘wandering fingers’ that continually make typing mistakes and often delete whole messages, (which as you say is infuriating)………. I  ALWAYS  write everything in ‘Word’ first and save it as I go, then  ‘copy and paste’   what I have written into the relevant destination. That way if I lose it I always have a copy. Simple common sense really!

I think your criticism of the technical make up of  this forum is quite unfair and unwarranted, as it is manned and run exclusively by volunteers, in their own unpaid time, for our benefit. (that is for my benefit AND  yours), and thus should be applauded for their hard work and endeavours. We are all flawed human beings Robert.  None of us are perfect.  If there are deep seated problems with access to the forum as you suggest, nobody else has posted a complaint,  which does seem odd, given your technical explanation! Always remember that there are other more subtle ways to complain such as a ‘private message’ to a moderator, without resorting to irate comments which do absolutely nothing to enhance the reputation of University lecturers, or even ex lecturers.

Always treat others the way you would like to be treated by them!

Have a nice day.

 John Kirk

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Hmmm The server cannot kick you off as once the site loads the forum WYSIWYG fields are user side, not server side. Once the page is displayed then the server has done it's job.

I would say it's your browser that is not compatible with the javascript this site uses. They are not gremlins.

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I think you will find (you should know if you are as qualified as you say) that the forum 'machine' has not been coded by the people running it but is constructed using a proprietary Forum program. As such it is unlikely that there is an operating problem and if there is, it will only be related to the server that they are using (unlikely) or your own set up.

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