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Newbie Looking for X-Type Advice

Bryan M

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Hi everyone,

I've been reading this forum for a while and thought I'd finally join looking for some advice.

I'm getting rid of my current car soon (14 plate Focus 1.6 TDCI) and have been in a turmoil over what to get next. I wanted an X-Type originally but was put off with the awful sill corrosion I was so warned about. I've been looking at other cars (BMWs, Hondas, etc.) however none have taken my fancy quite like the Jaguars have.

So I've come full circle to wanting a Jaguar again after lurching around Autotrader so much. So I guess my question is, with the sill corrosion borne in mind (and other apparent reliability issues) are they still a sound car to buy?

I'm looking for something as new as possible, certainly post facelift. 2.0 or 2.2D (most likely the latter) and Sovereign spec with a cream interior. My ideal colour would be the metallic red however if the interior is right then I could take a compromise on the paint. All in I'm looking to spend up to about £6,500 although hopefully less.

I'm really looking for some input as to what other members prefer - private versus trade sellers, what to look for to avoid, how much mileage is too much, etc - to help steer me in the right direction.

Any help would certainly be appreciated.


Thanks in advance,

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Hi Brian and welcome,

The X Type is a great car, Im pretty certain, the sill issues were resolved from 2004my onwards, so earlier cars could have this issue. I have a 2005 model and not a spec of rust anywhere and great reliability, my first X Type was a 2004 sport estate and I sold her with 200k on the clock, went through the usual bits n bobs throughout its life but gave great reliable service. With the budget you have to hand easily looking at a facelift model which had approx 500 upgrades/mods  to the previous model, having said that, good service history and careful ownership go towards a solid purchase.



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Hi Brian

As Andrew said, I think the sills rust problem, is on earlier cars, later cars are much better

I've got a s-type and they were the same, I had a good look took a small mirror to have a look behind them plastic covers

even though when i got it home, I removed the covers for peace of mind and they were fine, but while they were off i sprayed a load of cavity wax inside them

lower mileage is all ways better, service history is must , but just have a look at the car, simple things like tyres, if it got good branded tyres, its been look after, budget tyres means skinflint.




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Hi Bryan and welcome to the Club,

There have been many good comments on what to look for, and my experience is looking for as late a model as you can afford and if you can get one from a reputable dealer it will usually have a warranty, and an owners handbook and service history.

The two diesels have been mentioned - both good engines - but if a 2.5 V6 petrol comes along you should consider that too. The All wheel drive is fantastic, and I got over 35 mpg on a long run driven steadily.

The two diesels are often used for towing, and you can tell what sort of towing they have had to do by looking at the wear on the tow bar.

The one you want is out there.

Good Luck


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