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Good Evening to all, yes I have a problem  and  ask or help, my beloved S type V8 4.2 in the rain last week had the wipers ail on me! Got homme and booked into Jag specialist. Car returned,cost £360.Was told could"nt fix it as was a broken cable somewhere in wiring.This would result in the car being stripped untill wire/cable found!!! cost over a £1000. The choice for me at this time is paying or scrap!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please has anyone got an idea how to get around this?     Regards, !Removed!

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Hi Richard

just had a quick look at the wiring,

the wiring goes from the wiper motor to the fuse box, so it should be easy to find

I'd check relay 15 and 16 first and then fuses

I'd also check that the wiper motor connector has a good earth

try a local auto electrician, they should be able to fix it




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I'm with Joe on this one.

That circuit diagram is relatively simple to work through :yes:

I'm also well aware that some garages, even those who are brilliant with mechanical things, shy away from anything electrical for some reason.

Personally I like electrics... you don't get your hands dirty and oily :yahoo:

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Agree with Joe & Paul,

A good auto elec tech will get that sorted in no time, I always think that garages of all types no matter how good they are are a jack of all trades and master of none.

best of luck, Rich, hope you get it sorted soon.


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Thanks to all the replies,I won"nt scrap him.Will be on the search for good auto electrition,fortunately the weather looks dry for next few days.Will post when sorted.

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