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A Newbie hello and help please


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Hello all, I am actively looking for a S type from 2005 onwards I have looked at cars 65,000 milers upwards mostly diesel but would like a super charger but none in my reach in distance to view I just thought I would ask opinions from already Jaguar s type owners to get a honest opinion what is like owning a S type and some guidance please:yes:.

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I've had my 2.7lt diesel, 2005 model for about 6 months now and it's a great car.  Sure, she has some quirks but then it's a 11 year old car and so that is to be expected.  If you look through the forum here you'll see some of the issues people have had but, if you are looking at the diesels, the cam belt should be changed at 105,000 miles or 10 years old, whichever comes sooner so make sure you check that with any you are looking at.  

All the S-Types can suffer from corrosion on the sills as they have a plastic cover over them which can trap and hold dirt and moisture. Check that too.

At the end of the day this was quite an expensive, executive car when new so, whilst it has the benefit of being part Ford, your bills may be more expensive just because of the level of luxury stuff crammed into the car.

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Hi Peter, and welcome to the club.

I have had my S Type for exactly three years, and the only time I have had to put my hand in my pocket, other than tyres, fuel and services, was yesterday when a small coolant leak necessitated a new water pump.  £140 is not expensive.

My 2.7D is the SE model and is well loaded with optional extras, and the Gemini Engine is not only economical but also rather quick with great acceleration.

For a big car the S Type handles very well, and being a rear wheel drive car, the steering is quite light and the car is easy to park

I have been driving for over 50 years and this is the best car I have ever driven.



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Hi Peter

And welcome as well.

I am coming up 1 year as an S type owner (my first Jag) and I absolutely love it! I am presuming should you find one, it will be your first Jaguar? it makes me smile, with pride every time I get in or out of her and always give her a friendly little pat on the dash :yes: she has been a bit of a pain, but just like SWMBO, you have to pander to her, and some times get your wallet out!

Mine does not have all the bells and whistles so cant comment on that side of things, your budget will define what you get, but I find the seats comfortable, the ride is quite stiff on mine, so can only imagine the comfort on those cars with softer suspension / larger tyres.

She gets admiring glances, and cars on motorways tend to pull into the middle lane, when they see her approaching in the rear view (I kid you not)

I do very little mileage, so running costs not a problem for me, £60 - ish a month for a full tank, MPG approx. 23.4 my right foot has a mind of its own..:whistling:

The upshot is would I change her for another car? of course I would, but it would have a growler badge on it somewhere!




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For a supercharger you're looking at the R, which is a 4.2 V8, a seriously awesome piece of kit with fuel bills to match. The diesels are twin turbo and can be remapped to have power around that of the 3.0 petrol (or more than the 2.5). I went for a 3.0 Sport on a manual box and it's awesome, surprisingly quick and sharp handling, but most have auto boxes so are more relaxing but also, slower and less economical than the equivalent manual.

Cheers, Russ

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Hi Peter,

2.5v6, 3.0v6 are ford engines, 2.7diesel are generic(Jaguar, landrover, citroen, renault), V8's are Jaguar.

early v8's were 4.0 and some had issues with nicacil bores and timing chains

I have a S-type R and they are just great, the Jaguar V8 is absolutely superb, silky smooth, massive torque and superb performance 400bhp in standard trim.

service history is essential on the type R, 4.2 supercharged engine is very very strong and reliable, there is a valley water pipe, that can fail, hose is less that £20, but labour will cost quite a bit, as it sits deep in the vee below the supercharger, so check this has been done, budget £500 to £1000 to get this hose replace at a garage.

The 4.2's only come in 6 speed auto and are very strong, jaguar claim sealed for life but if its done over 50k then its due, £200 for the parts to service yourself, £300 to £400 at a garage.

check sills under the covers, but generally after 2004, there sound, mines 2004 and it was the first thing i checked and they look new.

only other things are bushes all round, there's lots of them on the S-type, gives it its silky smooth drive, if the car been driven hard, the bushes fail, so listen for knocking noises and any clunking.

generally look for history, basic stuff like tyres, if its got cheapo's/budget tyres, then this tells you how its been looked after, budget tyres on the S-type R are leathal, 400bhp, budget tyres and rear wheel drive don't mix.

if you find a good  S-type R, with low millage and history, then you will never lose any money on it, mines gone up in value, just in the 12 months i've owned it.

mpg, if your worried about mpg's, this might be the wrong car for you, but driven nice, ive seen 33.4 mpg on the trip computer at a steady 70, flat road,  urban mpg's anywhere from 12 to 20 mpg, depends on what you do with the right foot.

personally I prefer pre 2005 shape, pre-face lift, these had more accesories, build quality seemed better and had better spec, later S-type R, went to poorer brakes, smaller discs, less accessories and grey birds eye maple was replace with aluminium and a carbon effect, which were not as nice and very plastic feel to them, also pre mid 2006 are £290 road tax and after mid 2006 were £505 road tax.



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Joe is not completely wrong, but the 240bhp engine in our S-Types never went in any Ford! While it's based on the Ford Duratec, which was developed by Ford and Mazda, with some assistance from Porsche and Cosworth, the Ford unit never got variable valve timing, after which it became a Jaguar AJ-V6, not a Duratec.

I understand also that the glorious AJ-V8 engine, as in Joe's STR, was used in other cars including Lincolns and Ford's, more info below and in this link:

Ford Motor Company used this small V8 in other products as well, including the Lincoln LS the 2002-2005 Ford Thunderbird as well as in several Land Rovers and the Aston Martin V8 Vantage.

While I'm sticking up for the V6, the STR is the Daddy, and if you can find and afford one, get it :yes:

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