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Jaguar S Type (2003) rust


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I have a 2003 S Type which hasn't been driven in some time. It's declared off the road and needs some work doing to it, which I intended to do over the next few months. 

Over the last 6 months I've begun to notice rust bubbling under the paint on the front arches. It is spreading slowly but surely but hasn't come through the paint yet. I believe (I'm not expert) that dirt and water has become trapped as the arch liners don't fit flush with the arch. It reminds me of my first car, a Fiesta, which had the same problem. I'm pretty sure I can deal with this as it doesn't seem majorly bad. 

More of an issue is the rear arches. The rust is coming through the paint and the metal is becoming flaky. The rust has spread to the bottom of the arches, under the rear passenger doors. I had no idea it was as bad as it is. While cleaning the car today, I tried to clean out some of the muck and my screwdriver went straight through the bodywork. The metal was rotten through and I now have a huge hole in the body work near the rear offside door. 

I attach pics. I'd be grateful if someone could advise if this could be a major structural issue or if it can be repaired. I don't know whether it is likely to have spread elsewhere or what I should do. It seems to be spreading at an alarming rate. 

Any help is appreciated, 







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I agree with Gar'y suggestion. The sill covers need to come off Gavin.

The little scrivets undo from beneath the sill, along with those securing it at each eand in the wheel arches and then they can be gently pulled off the car.

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Hello all 

I didn't have to unscrew the covers - they pulled off as they weren't attached to anything! When they came off, a lot of sodden metal fell away with them. The sills are damp through. The majority of the underside of the sills has corroded away completely. The chassis seems solid.

I suspect I know the answer to this but here's the photos. Let me know what you think.









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I am inclined to agree with you Gavin.  That is severe rust.  I had a Triumph Herald with similar severe problems and though I loved the car I took off every bit I could including windscreens and it finished up on the local tip [with permission from the council].

The bits sold very well!


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Thanks Peter. If anyone is interested in any parts, let me know as I'm going to break it. 

It's a 2003 2.5 V6 petrol with 125k. Cream leather interior. Does anyone have any idea what I could get for the sum of the parts? just a vague ballpark figure would be useful! 

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Hi Gavin

you can get an idea of value of parts by checking out spares on eBay, it may be easier to just try and sell her as "Spares or Repairs " rather than having to remove parts on demand, packing and posting, then having the shell removed (probably at a cost) 

Just my opinion of course 



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Bad luck Gavin, I feared as much from your pictures of other rust, but those sills are shocking! Unfortunately not a great deal of value in the 2.5 of this age, but as always depends what someone will pay. How about you get yourself another one and use her as a donor?

Hope you do well out of it :wink:

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