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Transmission filter

Jerry Brett

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Sorry to seem like an attention seeker but I have never owned such a troublesome car.  As I have hit 120k I thought I should get the transmission fluid changed. After my experiences with the nearest specialist I decided to try one further afield. When I told him what I wanted he advised me to leave well alone unless the box was playing up. His reason was that he said you can't access the filters in the box and if he just changed the fluid he can't guarantee that it won't disturb any sediment in the bottom which could then compromise the box. This seems somewhat ludicrous to me. Shouldn't a filter be accessible for maintenance?

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Bad luck.  I suspect I may not have a choice although I am not in a position to get it investigated right now.  Currently using car daily. Trying not to accelerate suddenly or exceed 2500rpm as that seems to trigger limp mode. Don't know if that's connected to the gearbox and its desire to drop gears below 50mph.  Town driving is particularly tiresome, it feels and sounds like it's being held in 2nd gear until it's spent at least 5 minutes at 30 mph without slowing or stopping.  As soon as I can get some time off I will take it to a gearbox specialist.

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I take it you have the 6 speed auto gearbox which is a Aisin Warner make and yes you can't change the filter unless it is in for repair.

Jaguar say that the auto gearbox in all off it's car's are sealed for life which is a load off rubbish.

I've had mine changed in 2014 and will be changing the auto fluid again in July and had it changed at Mackie Auto Transmissions in Glasgow.

They connect a Hot Flushing Machine to change the fluid and the cost back in 2014 was just over £153 pounds.

I don't know if you've had the codes read, but that's what you should do to pinpoint where the trouble is coming from.

My son is on his second Mercedes auto company car and he had to drive my x type to the airport a year or so ago and was really impressed by the smooth up and down gear changes in the x type. And if you put your foot down it goes like a scolded cat .

Regards Tom.

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Its worth changing the oil, I have a Jaguar S-type with the ZF 6HP26 and that supposed to be sealed for life as well

I changed oil and filter, I know your filter can't be changed easily, but its worth do the oil

made mine even smoother

nothing sealed for life, oil degrades and then you start to get wear, thought sealed for life on mean 10 years, as that what manuafacturers state the life of a car is



P.S. this info is from Z.F. which again is the sealed for life, Jaguar say sealed for life, gearbox fitted to s-types.



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Thanks guys. I will see what the transmission guy says when I eventually get to him. He seemed to think there was a significant risk of subsequent failure due to disturbed sediment but if the box is low perhaps it can be topped up. Not ideal but I hear that even a mix of old and new fluid is better than insufficient amounts of fluid. Car is great to drive when it's working properly so it would be a shame to scrap it. It's worth next to nothing with a duff gearbox.

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So I took the car to an AT specialist who tells me that there is nothing wrong with the box, it's responding to an engine problem.  Apparently the fuel pressure is low and sudden demands on power (rapid acceleration) can stall the engine (this happened to me twice but I mistook it for limp mode with an added twist :crazy:).  He mentioned the gruff engine note and when I said that it started after the steering pump was replaced he surmised that something has not been put back properly, may even be the cause of my problems.  He's not an engine man though so could only make suggestions.  So I am going back to my regular mechanic to ask him to take a look concentrating on whatever he took off in order to replace the pump.  We live in hope.

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