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UK set to adopt vehicle speed limiters

UK set to adopt vehicle speed limiters  

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Speed limiting technology looks set to become mandatory for all vehicles sold in Europe from 2022, after new rules were provisionally agreed by the EU

Do you agree with this or not, will it save lives? 
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I always use my speed limiter (to avoid accidentally speeding) but it is essential it can be very easily overridden when it is necessary to accelerate out of trouble (e.g. kick-down). It also needs to be linked to the actual speed limit where the car is being driven. A speed limiter set at 70 mph in the centre of London or 30 mph on a motorway would not be a lot of use. Also, motorway accidents are rarely due to actually exceeding the speed limit. They are usually due to lack of attention or sheer reckless driving or even falling asleep. Finally, I'm not sure how a speed limit related limiter would implemented on ALL cars at a reasonable cost.

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Speed itself isn't the real issue. Inappropriate speed is the danger. High speed on an empty motorway shouldn't be a problem, but breaking or even driving at, the speed limit in other situations (outside shopping centres, schools, etc.), can be very dangerous.

But that's why drivers have brains and the ability to asses the situation and drive accordingly.

I would imagine these speed-limited cars will be unaware of fog, ice, children, crowds, sun glaring in the driver's eyes, etc.

For those reasons, I think they are a really bad idea, resulting in chains of cars all doing the speed limit regardless of whether it's safe to do so.


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