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XF ventilation **SOLVED**


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That certainly doesn't sound right to me. I cant see why the vents  would close when you turn off  the A/C.  If you don't get a response from a fellow 2008 XF owner on the forum, I suggest calling the service dept of a Jag main dealer or a Jag indy and see if they will answer your question .

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Hi Paul,

Just checked my 2011 XF-S with the same result as you describe. The middle button with the fan symbol, if pressed, turns off the entire system and closes the vents. Rotating the same button varies the fan speed but and puts the climate control into manual mode ("Auto" light goes off).

Also checked the manual, which says much the same.

I guess it's done to ensure airflow when stationary?


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OK. Problem solved.

The cause?   The nut behind the wheel 😉

I misread the handbook and assumed that the "on / off" button on the climate page of the touchscreen controlled the A/C which, in fact it doesn't

Once I realized that the A/C button operated independently, the problem was solved.

Richard Head, my wife called me 😉

Thanks to all who offered advice 🙂


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