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Mongoose JLR diagnostic plug


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Ive got one, but only use IDS as my car is 2004

yours is 2006 so would be using SDD, which Im not sure on

all I can say, is you need a heavy duty battery charger while doing anything, if the battery goes low while programing it can destroy the module

also don't recommend using it on window 7 onwards, using virtual software to run windows xp pro, its very unstable and feezes a lot, again it can damage modules by corrupting software

use a dedicated laptop with windows xp pro, which can be bought cheap

what are you trying to do



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I have a Mongoose clone and SDD v130 running on a Windows XP virtual machine on a Windows 10 laptop.

The bad news is that I have very little knowledge or experience using  it.

I needed it to enable a CD changer and bluetooth module that I had fitted almost a year before.

My local Jaguar main dealer was unwilling to configure a car as old as my 2005 S-Type and an independent specialist wanted 2.5 hours labour to do the 15 minute task.

I have not done any module programming or the like; just enabling accessories.

I have notes on how I did this if you need them.

The other bad news is that I am based in East Berks but if you find yourself down this way I am happy to let you play with it and offer my limited advice.

It is powerful but scarey kit. I ended one of my first attempts by unplugging the cable and was rewarded with a 'check engine' light the next time I started the car; you need to formally 'end' every 'session'.

You did not say what you were attempting to do with your SDD/IDS setup?

Cheers, Aidan

PS. My signature is out of date; I was working on my 2005 S-Type (I still have the 2000 S-Type but don't drive it much).

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1 hour ago, JOE-DOT-COM said:


I would never use IDS or SDD with a virtual machine, very unstable and the best way to ruin modules

dedicated laptop with windows xp pro is best and there cheap as well


I am beginning to realise this. It seemed like a good idea at the time. I do have an old Toshiba somewhere; must dig it out.

To be honest SDD scares the hell out of me; I just needed it to enable my newly installed CD changer and (combined) bluetooth module.

I would have liked to re-program my remote air-con thingy but was afraid.



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Latest versions of SDD work fine on Windows native up to Windows 10. 32-bit is best because the Drewtech 64-bit drivers are not the best with the cloned Mongoose cables.

Plus later versions require wifi connection as they have to talk to JLR during use.

SDD/IDS works fast and stable if you know what you're doing but I'd still use a dedicated laptop so you can have TIS and JEPC on the same machine.

JLR have a few sneaky hidden security checks so you need to run a modifier every time JLR downloads updates etc. You need to obtain JLR seed codes to allow you connection to TopIx which can be bought in bundles from eBay sellers or from other websites you can get a couple of seed codes everyday for free. Hope this makes sense. 

Use of a battery conditioner is, in my view vital. A high power battery charger can be used but you run a risk as the output is not clean. Again, this is only my opinion.

As previously mentioned. Do NOT crash out of the program and always close session properly.

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