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Low battery warning


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Hi I have just purchased my second Jag XF 2.2 very pleased.

The problem I am having is that the low battery warning display comes up with just the ignition on but the batteries test OK has anyone else had this problem



low bat.jpg

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Perfectly normal John. You will also find that if you play the radio without the engine running it will shutdown after 10min. These cars are power hungry and they don’t like low voltages.

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I've had my '64 plate XF-S 3.0D for just over a year now, and I have been getting this error virtually from the start. Apart from not being able to listen to the sound system without the engine running, it also seems to disable the Eco Start/Stop as well. In the early part of this year, when I might go for 10 days without using the car, this happened all the time. Since November, however, when I started to use the car every day, the Start/Stop has started working again. I bought a cheap bluetooth battery monitor, and previously, the voltage would drop to just below 12 (typically 11.85V), but rapidly rise to 12.8V after a short run. The car has never failed to start, and the only reason I haven't changed it is because of conflicting reports as to how the car would respond to a battery disconnection - I've just let sleeping dogs lie!

So, on balance, as long as the car starts, I would leave well alone, unless you need to listen to sounds whilst waiting with the engine off...

Incidentally, I started a thread yesterday regarding 'Take me home' which you have - just wondering how to get that option on mine - any help would be appreciated!

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I have a 2011 XF 2.2 190. A few weeks back,I noticed all the windows down (global opening) whilst the car was parked outside my house. The fob was on the kitchen table. A week or so later,I get a SMART KEY BATTERY LOW warning on the dash. I change the battery,twice,and now the fob isn't working. Car has done very few miles recently, I'm hoping that a good run with amend things. Smart key still works when plugged in. Anybody any similar experiences?

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HI everyone,

I have recently the same problem with the low battery warning coming up every time I started the car (2014 XFS Portfolio), which eventually turned into a NOT CHARGING warning. I had my local garage check it out and ended up having a new alternator fitted and both large and small batteries changed. This was only a few weeks ago and despite the NOT CHARGING warning going away, I have still had the low battery warning which I have put down to not having done any long runs. Last weekend I did a 180 ish mile motorway trip but still have the low battery warning when starting the car. I've also noticed that the AC isn't blowing cold - possible low power issue?

This morning the NO CHARGING warning has come back. I know I need to go back to the garage with it but wonder if they might not have missed something here, maybe the battery monitor unit?

Anyone had the same problems and managed to solve it?



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