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Door lights


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Hi, I don't know if these light are standard or not as I cannot find information on them.

On the edge of my doors are small, red, round spinning lights which operate when the door is opened. The front two work fine but the rear ones don't work and one of the covers is missing.  Any information would be most welcome. 



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Hi Philip,

I've just been outside to check my 2011 XF-S. No such lights on any of the doors, so I'd guess that yours are some kind of after-market addition, so probably difficult to find a fix to make them all work.


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Thanks for the replies. So, my little red disco lights are not standard, pity, it's the thing everyone notices when they get in. Ah well! it will make an interesting Goole search. I was going to add a picture but it's started to rain, so maybe tomorrow.

All the best


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