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head lights discoloured

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I am told there is a cleaning kit available, something like mild T cut, Probably from Halfords. Apparently this should be done about every six months. but don't quote me.

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My head lamps seem to be dis-coloured on the inside of the lense

can it be cleaned ?

has any body had this ?

how do I fix this ?




When i got my car, all four headlights were so cloudy it would never be safe to use in the dark let alone pass any MOT.

I did this...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wo6KnlZnFAw


It actually works really well. T cut will have no effect on cloudy headlights because that is the first thing i tried. I wish i had taken before and after pics because mine were really bad to the point i almost changed them altogether.

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There are available a number of products for restoring plastic headlight lenses. I have used meguiars, www.meguiars.com for the last couple of years on a number of plastic lensed cars. Works really well. I do this 2/3 times a year. Much cheaper than new units.

Heard about toothpaste & the wet/ dry method, and have seen good results initially. No idea what they look like after a couple of weeks later though as the protective coating will have been removed. Not brave enough to try, and have stuck with the specialist products.

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I had a slight amount of discolouring on my X Type, but never got down to doing anything serious about it.  I did try WD40, which is my normal procedure for anything like that, and also a mild T Cut, without much success.


I would be inclined to stick with the specialist products.



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One further tip, I used the meguiars kit and it did a great job, then I saw something on youtube which recommends using a good quality polish on them afterwards, apparently this protects them from UV etc and makes the effect last longer.


Seems to be working so far, I did mine 6 months ago and they're still clear.





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Apparently Toothpaste works as well!!!!

Yep I tried toothpaste on one of my headlights and it made a difference. I only did the one just to try and see if there was any noticeable difference, took about 45 minutes of rubbing with hard sponge and cheap Poundland Smokers toothpaste and water mister. I am going to have to do the others now, but try and get an attachment for my drill to make it easier :)

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