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Bluetooth audio for non-bluetooth Jags

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Thought I would share my experience.

My X-Type 2.2 has bluetooth for the phone but not for audio. As I wanted to play music from my phone in my car without wires, I researched a little and came up with this.




You'll have to do some searching for these as they aren't that readily available. Got mine on eBay for £35.


They wire into the radio system via the aerial socket and when activated, cut off the signal from the cars aerial and transfers the input from a phone or iPod though the unit and into the aerial socket. (You tune the radio into a fixed frequency). The bonus with this is that if you drive a lot, like I do, you never get cross interference from other radio transmissions as you do with the ones that plug into the cigarette socket and transmit over the airwaves.


The bluetooth bit comes from a receiver I already had in the house. It's an 'Anycom Bar-10'. They are excellent but obsolete now but there are many others available on the net. Mine is 12 volt, so a simple connection to a switched 12v supply sorted that out. It plugs directly into the iSimple IS31 and when switched on via the ignition key, connects to my phone and plays bluetooth audio perfectly. The Jaguar bluetooth for the phone still works perfectly too as my phone can connect to 2 devices but you can still connect an iPod or similar to the bluetooth audio and a phone to the car and when the phone rings, the music stops as normal for the phone call. The only advantage to having the phone do both calls and audio instead of having two separate devices is that when the phone rings, the music pauses until the call ends then carries on from where it left off.


It's a workaround for what would otherwise be an expensive upgrade and it works well.


My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S3 and to get it to 'auto-connect' to the audio receiver I needed to download a free app called 'bluetooth Auto Connect' - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.myklos.btautoconnect&hl=en_GB


Once set up it connects automatically when I start the Jag and turns on the music player app automatically afterwards.



Hope this helps someone as I trawled the net trying to find a 'Jaguar' solution to this but found this to be almost as good and much cheaper, and the whole set up took me an hour and a half to wire in with a soldering iron and a little patience.

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Hi guys, 

I know this is an old thread, but I've recently bought a 55plate X-type saloon and I'm desperately searching for a way to connect my phone. I've tried accessing the link provided but it's not working. Can anyone tell me what item it was linking to? Or if there's another way of connecting my phone asides from the plug in fm transmitters?




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Very easy to retrofit the later Jaguar bluetooth unit if you wanted to go that way.


Other than that you need a fakra aerial for about a fiver

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