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  1. Old Peter

    s-type electrical problem

    Welcome to the club, Gordon, Short answer, Yes. I sometimes get the same. Batteries usually last about five years, and if you do a lot short runs they will need charging about once a fortnight. It is surprising how much of the battery is used overnight when the car is sitting quietly n the garage or on the driveway. Regards, Peter.
  2. Old Peter

    Jaguar VIN decoder

    Hi Robert, and welcome to the club. It did for me, giving me a full record of the specification of the car, plus all factory fitted optional extras. Having said that it does appear that it has not worked for a quite a few members. A jaguar dealer should give you the same information. Regards, Peter.
  3. Old Peter

    Selling my S-type, low mileage, great spec

    That looks like new, Mike, and is a great deal for someone. Good luck, Peter.
  4. Old Peter

    S Type 2.7 Diesel alternator change

    Hi Mally, and a happy New Year to you and your wife, too. The s type does not like the cold, and I found that out last week when I had the Park Brake fault come up. I also had Gearbox fault, but it went and I found out from the AA mechanic when he came to see why I was getting restricted performance that Gearbox fault will dome up if an EGR valve is faulty, or in my case, dead. That is a good price for gearbox servicing, but a bit too far away from me! Getting a bit too old now for regular long trips, Keep in touch with the club, Mally. Regards, Peter.
  5. Old Peter

    S Type 2.7 Diesel alternator change

    Hi Mally, Hows things? I am having two new EGR valves fitted next week -- the first major job in 6 years! Regards, Peter.
  6. Old Peter

    Catalytic converter

    That's good, David. There appears to be plenty of people who can supply catalytic converters, but you do need someone local who will give you a warranty after fitting, Regards, Peter.
  7. Old Peter

    Catalytic converter

    Hi David, and welcome to the club. The best way to find a source for a catalytic converter in your locality is to just google "Catalytic Converter". There is also a very well recommended Garage in Doncaster that is a Jaguar Specialist who could also assist. Regards, Peter.
  8. Old Peter

    'Service Required' Reset

    Hi John, The other John Birchall died two years ago -- he was 82. I just wondered if there were any relations. Good luck with the reset -- some have done it in one go. Some have taken three shots at it! Regards, Peter.
  9. Old Peter

    2007 S Type 2.7 Code P0404 & Restricted Performance

    Hi Andy, Personally I don't feel the anything will be achieved by blocking off the EGR valves. Experts designed these rather good engines, and it is the government + climate control regulations the has introduced EGR Valves, DPFs, and other additions to the exhaust systems. Not being a design engineer I tend to go along with the principle that I should manage my car in the condition it left the factory. [mine left the production line in Castle Bromwich on 13th March 2007, and only the Leaping Jaguar on the bonnet is what is different. The engine is the same - no remapping or similar "improvements" -- the exhaust will last as long as the car being of stainless steel and I guess the car will last as long as me. [I am now heading towards my 85th Birthday.] The cost of maintenance of a Jaguar is not that high if you look towards preventing problems rather than fixing them after the event. My recommendation is Premium fuel and the odd additive. Changing the oil when it needs doing. Checking the tyres, the battery, and the engine fluids. But that's just me. I have a degree in nitpicking but it does seem to work. Regards, Peter.
  10. Old Peter

    'Service Required' Reset

    Yes John. Hope you can read the attachment below. Regards, Peter. P.S. My cricket Captain years ago was named Joh Birchall and came from Golbourne!
  11. Old Peter

    2007 S Type 2.7 Code P0404 & Restricted Performance

    Hi Andy, I had heard that blanking off the EGR valves presents a problem because they operate electrically. It appears that only a partial block can be done. At the same time I would be wary of what can happen with the MOT. Currently the tester has to do a visual exhaust test and an automatic fail could be made possible by the Government. Regards, Peter.
  12. Old Peter

    Another new member

    Welcome to the club, John. You will enjoy the Jaguar experience -- just use premium fuel and the big cat will do a great job. Regards, Peter.
  13. Old Peter

    2007 S Type 2.7 Code P0404 & Restricted Performance

    Hi Keith, I hope you have a good holiday. --- And the cost of two new EGR valves supplied and fitted by Carl is £420 which is rather good. Carl will check everything out first. I could hear No. 1 valve clicking which means it was refusing to open. [P0404] Regards, Peter.
  14. Old Peter

    new member

    Welcome to the club, Ray. I do not use Supermarket fuel, as there is a Shell station 500 yards away from where I live, but I do know a few who have never had a problem with it and a few who have. While that is not a useful answer I would think that if the engine is not operating correctly after a fuel fill up I would suggest either cleaning out the engine by removing the fuel or using a fuel system cleaning additive. Diesel engines are usually very sensitive to fuel quality, and if your car is a diesel using a premium fuel is always recommended. Let us know how you get on. Regards, Peter.
  15. Old Peter

    2007 S Type 2.7 Code P0404 & Restricted Performance

    Hi Keith, I have just had the same experience, and what I did was to call out the AA on Sunday morning. Result:- As below. The AA mechanic was brilliant and his testing showed that the OBD2 diagnosis of Code P0404 was a faulty EGR valve that was causing the gas circulation around the valves and was the left side ]EGR valve 1] that was completely dead. I already knew the code P0402 was valve 2 not working correctly. Diagnosis was EGR valves were in need of replacement. Carl has ordered 2 EGR valves and as he is on holiday next week he is fitting them on 22nd Jan. I hope this helps. Regards Peter.