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  1. Hi Chris, Paul is quite correct. When my heated windscreen had to be replaced after a large crack the fitter who came with the new one told me that the electrics were the same in cars without it. Peter.
  2. Hi Dave, A Derbyshire meet would be good. We lived in Derbyshire for 12 years from 1971 to 1983 and still go up to the County for days out quite regularly. A Sunday in July would be great! Regards, Peter.
  3. Welcome to the club, Dave. I used to have an x type 2.5 AWD and found it a great road holder. We had a meet in Tamworth last year but not well attended. It was a pity, as it was a nice summer day. Regards, Peter.
  4. Hi Bob, I would go the whole hog and get rid of the space saver and get a spare wheel. You might even be able to sell the spacesaver. It does not save any space at all on the s type. My s type has a spare wheel fitted at Castle Vale --- great peace of mind. Regards, Peter.
  5. Welcome to the Club, Alan. On another post, try eBay for the wheel that you are looking for. Regards, Peter.
  6. Welcome to the club, Chris. I have had my S type now for almost 6 years and it is my pride and joy. Morgana is a 2.7 diesel, and like yours is an SE model with all the bells and whistles [except voice which I didn't want]. One of the things I am good at is keeping Morgana neat and tidy and the Indigo Blue paintwork in good order and one of the things I am not one of the cognoscenti -- electrics, which I leave to the experts. Luckily, the club has several members who are very expert in electrics and also a member who breaks Jaguars for a hobby, and who should be able to assist with the seats. Good luck and best regards, Peter.
  7. Hi Steve, I had similar tyres on my X type 2.5AWD. I would keep them as they gave me a very good ride. Additionally, Jon has made some very good points. Regards, Peter.
  8. Welcome to the club, Terry. The Jaguar experience is quite unique. I have had two Jaguars, and x type and an s type and would not drive another brand of car. I also used to have a Triumph T100 in my younger days, which unfortunately completely died on what was then known as the Preston by pass. You will enjoy your Jaguar. Regards, Peter.
  9. Welcome to the club, Mark. The s type is a great car, and if you treat it well it will give you much enjoyment. Always us premium fuel -- the 2.7 diesel engine does really like it. Regards, Peter.
  10. Hi Mark, No uncommon and I have the same noise occasionally. We have the same model and the same year. It is simply the gurgle of water from the air conditioning system returning to its place in the system. It has never caused me a problem and I have had my s type for 6 years. Regards, Peter.
  11. I went through similar bollards In Ulster during the troubles. My eldest son was at Ulster University and we visited him a few times. People think that bollards are always staying still! Peter.
  12. Hi Ken, Posts and bollards can cause some curious damage. My offices had a small [6 cars] car park. When the Council agreed that the land could be used as a car park they insisted on a dropped kerb and either bollards or a small wall round the boundaries, plus marked spaces for the 6 cars which would ensure moving off the car part without having to reverse. I had to facilitate this and used heavy duty plastic bollards which were removable --- this type of bollard are used in car parks very often. I found two damaged bollard with the culprit being a person who could not understand the words "PRIVATE CAR PARK --- STAFF ONLY" and parked her Land Rover Discovery in such a way that exiting the car park meant that she would go over the bollard and take it out of the ground. I obtained two 5 foot long heavy duty steel tubes which went 30 inches into the ground with 30 inches above the ground and were then filled with cement. They looked like the bollards. The Discovery came a few days later and operated the usual system of charging into the "bollard", and impaling the Discovery on to the "bollard" causing much damage and needing a small crane to lift off the car. This was at her cost as it was on private property. Not best pleased was her statement. But it worked!. Beware of bollards and such. Regards, Peter.
  13. Hi Andrew, It might take some time, but if you scroll through the topic there'll be someone near enough to you to suit your requirements. Peter.
  14. Welcome to the club, Andrew. The s type is a great car, -- I have had mine for 6 years but like you I don't get underneath any more. The is a list of recommended garages in a topic on the Forum which is worth looking at, and there are quite a few members in the West Country. Regards, Peter. PS. Look in the "Jaguar Owners Lounge".
  15. Welcome to the club, James. I have never come across silent indicators, but at a guess I would look at the settings. Regards, Peter.