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Driver's side window air vent


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The driver's side window air vent, the one mounted on top of the dashboard, rattles at low speeds in my car and is really annoying.


When i touch the vent grille the noise stops.


My question is, how is the vent grille removed please? I don't want to attack it with a trim tool unless that is the correct way.


Thanks :)

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Probably one of those things the author did not research. Obviously it can only be a push fit whereupon it as locating lugs or it is secured from below which would make it extremely difficult to get at which I assume will be the case. Good luck Paul

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Hi Paul

I found someone who had the same problem with a X Type  and here's what he said  :-


icon1.gif                Dashboard rattle     

I had the same rattle on my x type and it turned out to be the vents on top near the screen.i just put a couple of spots of superglue

on mine and this  cured the problem.   ?????   



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Excellent Frank, I assume from the photograph that its a simple push in for fixing however to remove you would need to get your hand in be hid it to press the clips inwards for removal

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