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Underbonnet insulation


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I was taking a close look under the bonnet today and I noticed a series of trim retainers around the periphery of the bonnet underside..


They appear to serve no useful purpose on my car and I'm now wondering whether there should perhaps be a heat / sound insulation mat fixed to the underside of the bonnet.


Has anybody actually got one please?

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Sorry, re read your post!!

It's something that you'd be better looking for in a breakers yard.

The one on my bonnet is a bit floppy down the sides but strong double sided tape sorted that out.

It'd be interesting to see what a dealer would want for it.

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I don't think it does assist the warm up, Paul.  I think it must be about noise.


The S Type has an auxiliary heater that assists the warm up in cold weather.


A guy I knew who worked for Peugeot when they were in Coventry told me that muffling the noise of the diesel engine was one of the important factors in design.



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