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smoke coming from under bonnet


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Hi Malcolm, and welcome to the Club.


Is you car the 2.7 diesel engine?  If some it is the same engine as the S type.


I have not seen that on my car, other when the auxiliary heater comes on at start up.


Is there a whiff of diesel at the same time, or does the EML come on?


Is there a spill or leak of fluid dripping on to the engine block?






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Hello Peter

yes it is a 2.7 there is no leak no smell just a bit of smoke on the left side of car.

it's there when I've pulled up at lights when I get out to look it's gone no smell

Nothing the smoke just goes it's only happened 2 or 3 times in 2 mouths.



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iIt certainly sounds like the aux heater Malcolm but I'd be concerned if it was running this time of the year unless you've had cold morning starts perhaps.

If it continues, pull the fuse for the aux heater and see if that stops it.

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there is no fuse in f3 the smoke still comes out from left side  do you think there is a  Proplem  with the auxcliry  heater or can it be something else  any

i dears  will help when i take it to garage if i need to  

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So glad I found this topic!

My XF-S occasionally emits what looks like steam (but obviously is probably smoke) from the front left of the bonnet. No ill-effects on driving/performance, just a bit scary. Only does it briefly after a cold start. My speed limiter in the passenger seat says she can smell it and she doesn't like it.

I think I'll just relax now!


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