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Happy bear now...


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... that I have premium audio in The Princess :yahoo:

My grateful thanks go to Denis and Stacey for providing the parts and doing almost all of the fitting. Taking the parcel shelf out looked way too complex for me.

Managed to modify the D2B network correctly first time as well and guess what? You DON'T need to fit modules in a specific order :yes:

Had Vienna by Ultravox blasting out on the drive home.

The whole job took about four hours and the ENTIRE loom was already in place, other than the D2B.


I even got an electric rear blind into the bargain.

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Nicely done, Paul.  Good music needs good sound systems.

I am a fan of live music with quite wide tastes from Handel at The Philharmonic Hall in Liverpool, to the Dubliners at the Garrick Theatre in Lichfield last night!


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15 hours ago, Claws said:


I have read, it's a quality system, speakers as well I guess?

Yes, 10 speaker system Mid-range and tweeter in each door and two subs in the parcel shelf,  and all integrated with the D2B network.

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Well done Paul, really interesting. I noted a parcel shelf amp / speaker module on eBay from a premium sound system. Would this be any benefit or does one really need to do as you did and swap the entire system from a donor vehicle?

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The parcel shelf you have seen is suited to earlier premium sound systems Russ. I suspect it would be suitable for yours. The sub amp is actually built into the shelf between the speakers. I don't have any experience with the earlier models but I'd expect to fit the uprated door speakers as well to get the system sounding its best. I understand that the tweeters on the earlier system are discrete from the mid range units. Further, in the later models, the premium sound wiring is entirely separate to the standard system. Not sure about the earlier type.

In summary, I would research what is required for your vehicle and gather all the required parts. I mean, heck, we even removed the tiny "Alpiine" badges from the donor car and fitted tehm to my door cards :yahoo:

It would be an interesting retro-fit to follow :)

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