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Diesel cold start problem

The Jag Den

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Can anybody help please?

My S-Type diesel fires up first time every morning but then settles to a very lumpy idle and is not keen on revving. There are no warning lights. Produces white fumes from the exhaust which I believe are the result of unburnt diesel being ejected from the exhausts. This happens even if I switch the ignition on several times to make the golw plugs operate before firing the engine.

Within 5 minutes, this settles down and the engine runs sweet as a nut.

Re-starting any time afterwards after say, a few hours and it runs exactly as it should.

Any ideas or info would be appreciated please.

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Hi Paul

there mainly for starting

but there easy to check if you remove the connector or wiring from each one in turn, I'd disconnect battery for safety reasons

the resistance should be very low like 0.05 ohms to 1.5 ohms resistance with a meter

if you have a dc clip on ammeter you can check there pulling current in amps without disconnecting anything

they usually go open circuit, basically burn out, cheep glow plugs can last as little as 12 month known brands can last years



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@The Jag Den


Hi Denis/Paul,

I have recently had a similar cold starting issue that Denis had, but without the white smoke. A bit lumpy when first started,  but only when 5°C or under. After warming up engine runs and starts fine. Any suggestions on the fault, from yourselves or anybody else, would be appreciated.



2007 td S Type sport 51k


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