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I have just purchased a beautiful jaguar X Type 2 litre sports deisel on 2005 plate with 93,000. All has been working as should without a hicup. The other day the door sensor

Indicated that the door was open and consequently wouldn't allow me to lock the car, the interior courtesy lights also remained on. Rather than drain the battery I disconneted

battery, in the morning on reconnection every thing was back to normal, however after 1/2 hour the red open door warning light came on again. For the past few days I have been experiencing This itermitant malfunction. so far it seems that if I leave thecar unlocked and return to it after 1/2 hour it will lock but this is a sensitive situation as it did , only once so far, Set the alrm off. I have just a sneaking idea it may not be the door sensors but other fault? I would be grateful for any help please. 

Thanks in anticipation. 


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Welcome to the Club John and Peter.

Jaguars like a battery in good condition, and there are a few little foibles that happen when it isn't, and the computer will shut down things which it does not consider too important.

On my s type, the doors will lock at 3 mph.



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20 hours ago, PeterLB said:

Ps. And another thing is that all the doors lock as I drive off, this has been a permant feature since I bought the car.



Speed locking Peter. It can be turned off with the diagnostic software.

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have you locked/unlock the doors manually ? and seen what happens?   then try as you have with the key remote, it may be the key transmitter? or bad earth causing a short? or door latch actuator which sits inside drivers door/check harness wires and connectors, or even link up to the (GEM) generic electronics module. things for you to try if you a DIY.

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Many thanks to you all for your welcome and advice with sincere apologies for delay in getting back to you sooner, I have been indisposed this last month.

My X-type seems to have righted itself, all doors now locking as should and no alarm going off. I am thinking it was the battery after all (thanks Peter) and caused by not being used much for a while which drained battery from optimum; use topped it back up to desired charge

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