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S type mods Do we Like any of this?


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Cant make my mind up on the bonnet vents? looks like an awful lot of Carbon Wrap going on, everywhere! Dash looks okay to I think

Sorry I forgot to acknowledge here is the link to auto trader http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201603101839375?model=s-type&sort=atcustom&make=jaguar&price-from=500&page=1&onesearchad=new%2Cnearlynew%2Cused&aggregatedTrim=Sport&price-to=4000&search-target=usedcars&radius=20&fuel-type=petrol&postcode=nw17aa&searchcontext=default&logcode=p some more photos mainly internal 











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I do think several owners miss the point about S Type style. When the car was launched its retro reference points were perfectly articulated in the Shirley Bassey (Propellerheads)  song which accompanied the TV advertisements - ‘History Repeating Itself’.

I’m guessing that many owners bought their S Types because the design was so characteristic of a particular and interesting time in motoring history.

My question is, what’s the point of trying to ... er ... ‘pimp’ a successful design? As part of my own enthusiasm for cars I visit many classic car rallies, veteran and vintage vehicle gatherings, and it’s clear to see that attention to ‘original’ detail is what distinguishes so many of the best examples.

Somehow ‘Pimp my Jaguar’ seems completely incongruous.

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Beauty is often in the eye of the beholder, but last Saturday on the way back from Dover I saw an Audi 4x4 in white with bright Red wheels and the Audi logo also painted Bright Red.

It looked so ugly it could only have been done by someone colour blind!


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Not for me I'm afraid (I like shiny) not disputing a clever process, but would it stand up to a supermarket trolley? I think not  :g:

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Yikes, pretty shocking but obviously someone loved it enough to go to the trouble. Each to their own but not to my taste. Weird that someone would spend a lot of money on a job that actually reduced the value of the car...

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