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Winter Coming Soon!

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Heavy rain this morning.  No garage for the S Type as she is too big to fit into a 1980 garage.  At least the rain is giving the car a good rinse.  I am halfway through giving the car a good wax for the winter -- resume when it is dry.  I will check out any boot leaks when the rain stops!




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Hi Peter,

What is it about 1980s garages - do you think the planners decided they would never be used for cars anyway, so shrunk them. I used to have a Mercedes A Class, which would have squeezed in, but I would have had to spend the night in the car as no room to open the door! No chance of getting near it with an XF!



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Hi Jon,

My garage was built in 1980 in a extension by the previous owner and my wife's cars always fitted in, as did my Rover 400. But now that my wife has a Toyota Yaris it won't fit in unless the wing mirrors are folded in.and even then there is only two inches on either side.  I have even bought about widening the door, but the Yaris has a reversing camera so getting out can be done without too much of a problem.  I think cars are a bit wider than they used to be.




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