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How Much to Connect a Diagnostic Meter?


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I went to three different garages to check on which wheel the ABS Sensor fault was on. I was shocked to find that one garage wanted £40.00 + vat, the second wanted £50.00 + vat, whilst the third was free and the process took less than three minutes! These prices were in addition to the parts and labour.

I was interested to know if anyone has been charged more than £50.00 + vat for the use of a diagnostic tool?

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Hi Nick,

When I first got my s type I had an amber light come up and I took the car to a local main dealer. He told me it was the EGR valves, and they cleared the problem by giving the  engine a good blast.  Ten minutes £69.


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For £20 you won't get one that's Jaguar-specific - it won't give you very much information at all, if any. It certainly won't compete with JLR diagnostic systems that dealers and independents have invested a few thousand pounds in..

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I got one via the internet that is Jaguar specific but which is good for engines only  --  That was 4 years ago and only cost £20.

It does gives codes which I have found useful.

I was thinking of getting one a little bit more helpful which will cost about £150.


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I use a mongoose pro lead and Jaguar IDS/SDD

you can get a clone lead and software with support from british diagnostics for about £100

the Jaguar IDS/SDD is the same as what jaguar and dealers use so you can do everything they can, but can be dangerous if you dont know what your doing, as your can brick modiules if you program them wrong

but as a diagnostic tool its superb, it communicates with every module on the car, gives proper fault description and remedies

only problem it uses a laptop, but these can be bought for less than £50 for a real good spec one, it needs windows xp pro, I have a dedicated laptop just for this

if you want something more user friendly the best plug and play one for jaguar s-types is ICARSOFT LR II V2 for around £130



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You really need one that reads chassis code.  In my 15 years of owning S-Types the faults have always been chassis / ABS related.  The cheap code readers are OK but only work for the common "P" codes.  The best are those that read "C" as well as the other transmission, brakes and electronics codes. I think the  iCARSOFT i930 does and it's not very expensive at around £95 as I write this.  I have a cheap reader that didn't help with ABS or gearbox codes so the next one I buy will!

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