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My new XF


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I went looking to replace my S type, Taken by garage to Repair key and locking problem, never to return, only had it 2 weeks! but did get my money back.

Saw a 2011 3.0 XF had a drive and loved it. 

Need to clean up the seats, but over all its ok.

Can you tell me please, would you recommend putting on all season or winter tyres being rear wheel drive?






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looks great

all season tyres are usually ok, it depends what winter we get

rear wheel drive cars are not the best in ice or snow, but we dont get that much here

generally all season tyres are quite good

I have used winter/snow tyres and they are far superior in ice and snow and only use them december to march

a lot of it it depends on the roads your travelling, if its all main road, there more likely to be kept clear in winter



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I use the Bridgestone Weather Control A005 all seasons (all 4 corners) and am very impressed with the performance so far (A rated for rain) but not had any thick snow to test them in yet. I also have 4 Jaguar snow socks  for the next "Beast from the East" but they are still in the wrapping and have never actually needed them in the 3 years I have had the car!


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I also have a 2011 3.0l XF-S, had it for three years come October. So have been through 2 winters with it.

Living in West Sussex, I don't often get to see really bad snow or ice (but when it does come, the response is ill-equipped to deal with it!)

Being retired, I don't have to go out in the occasional ice & snow, but I have given it a go a few times using the winter mode setting for the traction control. That seems to work fine with normal tyres (Pirelli P-Zero 255/35x20).

I guess if you need the extra security, winter tyres would be a good move, but I can't justify them for 2 or 3 weeks a year.

Enjoy your XF! 


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Thanks Joe, Jon and John.

I will try the all weather.

As you say Jon it's only really bad for a short while each year usually.

John Snow Socks? interesting. I Have seen snow chains will have a look at those.

If it look like we are in for another 2010 Winter Joe  will certainly look at the Winter tyres as I live on a steep slope.

Thank you.

Kind Regards,


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I find if you buy them, they don't get used and you have the added hassle of storing as they do take a chunk of space.

Don't think these cars handle too badly with the pzero in the snow, had to drive to the hospital about 6 miles away, was good fun and in control most of the way, thats with a v8 version! 😄

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