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Replacement windscreen washer jets ?

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Has anyone found a suitable replacement for the original washer jets for the 2002-2004 S-Type ?

I have one that seems to stop working for no reason, the replacement Jaguar ones are about £20 each !

Someone must manufacture them for Jaguar, wondered if there was a cheaper alternative supplier ?


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Thanks for the replies.

The Ford ones don't look like they will fit as they don't appear to have the inbuilt 'spring clip' fitting that the originals have ?

Purchased a set of the Bosch aero wipers this afternoon which have washer nozzles on the wiper itself.

I have fitted the wipers but not had chance to look at what I will need to do to re-route the pipework.

As an aside, I tried a bizarre suggestion to soak the troublesome jet in coca-cola (Pepsi in my case !)

After taking the 'Pepsi challenge', I blasted water through from a spray bottle and got a load of 'gunge' out of the nozzle.

Now refitted and working fine so far !56fc38b084449_Newcamerapics009.thumb.JPG




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