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Offside headlight lens adjustment?


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Fellow gents,

I've got an issue with my headlights where the offside is pointed up about 3/4 feet where it should be at a normal distance and I'm being a nuisance to everyone with my dodgy headlight. From looking at it, it seems to be the whole lens is pointing up and I can't see a way off adjusting it. How do I go about sorting it?




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Hi Phil

At a guess your headlight adjusters have broke, if you remove the bulb cover off the high beam and hold the bulb if you move it up and down and it's sloppy not attached to anything the adjusters have broke

It's a common problem on s types and x types, there plastic and go brittle and break

If you look on eBay for s-type head light adjusters you can but them and if you look on YouTube there a video on  how to change them

Or other option is just to replace the headlight

I replaced both adjusters on mine on both sides, it's quite straight forward and also it's a bumper off job



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It does sound like the headlamp adjusters have broken.

Probably quicker and easier to replace the complete headlamp assembly with a 'good' used one as you still need to remove the headlamp unit to replace the adjusters.

I managed to replace the headlight unit on my 2003 without completely removing the bumper.

Undid everything on the same side of the bumper as the failed headlight and the loosened the grille, then pulled the bumper forward.

This gave me enough space to get to the bottom mounting bolts.

I bought a set of replacement adjusters off eBay as well to repair the broken lamp unit as a spare, the replacement adjusters fell in bits during the fitting procedure !

Luckily the seller replaced them FOC.

Fitting the adjusters is a bit of a pain, as you need to dismantle the headlamp assembly, including splitting the clear lense from the backing unit.



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