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S Type Bonnet (Hood)

Chris Powell

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I have managed to buy an aluminium 2004 facelift bonnet ( hood) to replace the steel one on my 2002 pre facelift S type R . Does anybody know if it will fit if I change the hinges as well ? Not one of my cleverest moments !! Fortunately I only spent £100 on it ...paint code blue JHM . 


Thanks for any help .



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Hey Chris,

Good luck with this, interested in finding out myself as an alu bonnet would be a cool additional, and my 2001 bonnet is a little battle scarred. I have paint code JHM, Pacific Blue, is this your colour?

Cheers, Russ :xmas:

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Think it will fit, as wings and headlights are the same

the bonnet has slight contour differences, metal ones, humps behind each headlight go further back, aluminium ones the humps behind the headlights are shorter and theres a raised curve that goes from the grill to the corners of the bonnet, which the steel one does not have

there slightly lighter, but are more prone to corrosion, due to the reaction between steel and aluminium

only way to tell is try and fit it.

post some pics up as you go on



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andy i like the look of your old 99 s  which had a style and look in its day " retro "   but as we move onto your 06 s  i also like this look, as its moved forward with its style of appearance and the face of the cat badge....... with the leaper Jaguar on the bonnet.   me i would not change a thing... dave            ps nice motors.

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The aluminium bonnet will fit on the earlier model of S-Type. The later bonnet is attached to the hinges with nuts and the earlier one with bolts so make sure you have the appropriate bits :)

Be aware that the studs in the later bonnet which attach to the hinges can sometimes break loose so care is needed when the bonnet is removed and when the nuts are tightened during the fitting process on your car.

In addition, you will need to replace the wipers with a pair which have the integral washer jets.

The front of the bonnet will align with the bumper as far as the curvature goes but, as Andy said, the grille is different so you'd need the grille from the donor car as well.


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I worked in the Steel Industry for almost all my working life.  Various attempts were made to get the car manufacturers to use both galvanised steel and a product called Steveltite, which was plastic coated steel, the former for undersides of cars and at the latter for the insides of section ---  sills, doors wings etc.  To get the power to weight ratio correct the car makers want to use thinner steel to reduce the weight of cars  ---  rust was inevitable  with untreated thinner steel.

Steel was easier to produce and more environment friendly than the conversion of bauxite into aluminium.

One of the largest area where bauxite is found is India -- about 60% of the world's production.

It is not surprising that TATA has been gradually moving to aluminium, and at the moment, with PVC window frames replacing Aluminium frames, there is plenty of Aluminium to recycle.


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